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Wikimedia+Education Conference 2019/Submissions/Three Years of Wikipedia at Maynooth University

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Three Years of Wikipedia at Maynooth University

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Maynooth University

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Academic paper
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The Critical Skills programme at Maynooth University, an interdisciplinary first-year seminar that currently enrolls one thousand students, began using Wikipedia in the classroom in the spring of 2016 to achieve learning outcomes relating to information literacy, writing skills, and civic responsibilities.  This paper will provide an overview of Critical Skills’s engagement with Wikipedia focusing on the fundamentals of curriculum design, obstacles to faculty engagement, student feedback, and experiences with the broader Wikipedia/Wikimedia community. The paper also discusses how concepts such as systemic bias and information privilege can be incorporated into Wikipedia assignments.  In doing so, the paper explores the efficacy of Wikipedia as a teaching tool by asking what learning outcomes are uniquely achievable using Wikipedia and what ‘traditional’ learning outcomes Wikipedia makes easier to achieve.  Finally, this paper reflects on the meaning of Wikipedia assignments to students by comparing traditional writing assignments like academic essays with writing assignments on Wikipedia.
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This paper addresses the strategic pillar "knowledge equity" by showing how the "information privilege" of university students can be used to improve Wikipedia while at the same time achieving classic learning outcomes in writing and information literacy.

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Teachers, students, members of the Wikipedia community

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