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Wikimedia+Education Conference 2019/Submissions/WikiEmakumeok: reducing the gender gap, empowering editors

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WikiEmakumeok: reducing the gender gap, empowering editors

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Basque Country
Affiliation, if any (organisation, company etc.)
WikiEmakumeok collaborates with Wikimedia España and Wikimujeres.

Main theme
Free knowledge for the world
Type of session
  • Workshop (small group, on a specific topic, with time for attendees to practice - 90 minutes)


  • Presentations (about a topic you have been working on, 20 min + 10 min q&a)
gender equality, ITC skills, informal learning...
Length of session
90 minutes - 30 minutes
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Logo by @garbinelarralde

Since november 2015, monthly meetings are held in different places of the Basque Country. They are called "Wikikedadas" and they are celebrated in order to learn how to edit Wikipedia, to share knowledge among the participants (empowering editors), to network and to have fun. Since the "Wikikedadas" started, 421 new women's biographies have been done by around 163 new editors. 30 of these editors are active Wikipedia members in the different meetings through the Basque Country and they contribute to turn "women in red" into "women in blue", reducing the gender gap. New and imrpoved bios, translations, items creation in Wikidata, photo uploading in Commons and adding Wikiquotes are the main contributions of the WikiEmakumeok groups.

Wikedada in Leioa, Basque Country University

How does your proposal add knowledge to the international community in Wikimedia and education?
  1. Learning by doing in small presencial groups
  2. Learning by sharing with partners
  3. Learning by seeing what was done before
  4. Wikipedia like a puzzle in which different competences play: searching, sumarize, reference, translate information,
Who is the intended ideal audience for the topic?
  • teachers, students, learners...
  • associations, NGOs, human rights movements...
Slides or further information
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