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Wikimedia+Education Conference 2019/Submissions/WikiFridays at Maimónides University (Buenos Aires). Learning and sharing knowledge with Wikipedia, Wikicommons and Wikidata projects

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WikiFridays at Maimónides University (Buenos Aires). Learning and sharing knowledge with Wikipedia, Wikicommons and Wikidata projects

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Sofía Beatriz Alamo

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Universidad Maimónides, Buenos Aires, Argentina / Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Main theme
How we make it happen
Type of session
University teachers who would like to use Wikimedia projects in univesity enviroments
Length of session
20 minutes
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Maimónides University (Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an institution that seeks technological and educational innovation not only by pursuing digital learning projects, but also by rethinking how new digital strategies affect teaching and learning practices. Within this framework, a group of teachers from the School of Communication Studies and Multimedia Design outlined the “WikiFridays Project”.
In order to promote media literacies and written expression skills in college students, Communication Studies, Digital Art and Systems Architectures lecturers proposed their young learners to work together with Wikimedia Argentina to edit Wikipedia entries, which were related to the subjects involved, during four Fridays in September 2018. In addition, it was intended to make visible the broad role that Multimedia undergraduates can play in the Wiki community.
Therefore, different workshops were held by Wikimedia Argentina facilitators on Maimónides University premises. The aim was to address different Wikimedia Projects in which these young men and women could take part. Thus, while learning how to edit on Wikipedia, students were taught about open licenses using Wikimedia Commons and how to create or update databases in Wikidata.
During these workshops participants were able to edit, create, translate and add images with different open licenses in more than 30 Wikipedia articles. Hence, it was possible to improve their formal writing skills, emphasizing the importance of free cultures, free access to knowledge and sharing ethics.
This presentation will approach how this proposal of using tools of everyday life from an academic point of view was conceived and how it enhanced young learners participation and commitment. We will address how these type of educational projects have impact on university teachers’ role and how the usually strained relationship between Wikipedia and academic knowledge is resignified. Finally, bringing Wikipedia and University together allows us to connect academia with its environment and expand the impact it has on society and culture in the digital era.
How does your proposal add knowledge to the international community in Wikimedia and education?

This proposal is intended to

  1. provide a practical approach to Wikimedia projects in higher education
  2. analyze how Wikimedia projects can be used in order to develop new media literacies and other digital skills among undergraduate students
  3. consider the impact of the use of Wikimeda projects on teaching practices
  4. identify different strategies to evaluate how students get to apply what they have learnt
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The ideal audience for the topic would be university teachers and undergraduate students

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