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Wiki Fan Club, A look at its Operations in Nigeria

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Olaniyan Ishola Olushola

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AffCOM/ Wikimedia User Group Nigeria

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Wiki Fan Club, A look at its Operation in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions.

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Teachers, Students, Learners

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According to New Reader Survey in 2017, Wikipedia awarness in Nigeria stood at 21%. Many Nigerians see the tool ( Wikipedia) as a search engine rather than an emcyclopedia that anyone can edit. It was also established, that the tool is more popular among Nigerian students than any other sets in the survey.Therefore, we agreed to partner with Nigerian tertiary institutions to chnage this narrative. We have therefore due to the implementation of this project increase the awareness level to 45% with 2years. We now have 5 Universities regitered on the scheme. A good Example Wiki Club, University of Ilrori

How does your proposal add knowledge to the international community in Wikimedia and education?
  1. It is a case study that shows how this type of project can be established.
  2. It tells the story about likely challenges of such program and how it can resolved.
  3. It is a good manual for interested member of the education community can emulate
  4. It showcases what Wikimedia Nigeria User Group is doing about Wiki education to the Global Commununity
  5. Introducing this project to the global community can also help to create a bigger partnership among other group doing the same project in our ecosystem....

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Teachers and Wikipedians

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