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Wikimedia+Education Conference 2019/Submissions/Wiki way of profound knowledge

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Wiki way of profound knowledge

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Susanna Mkrtchyan, User:WikiTatik

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Wikimedia Armenia, Wikipedia&Education user group

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Skills for life
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teachers, students, learners, ages, countries
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20 min + 10 min q&a
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How many people have we met who have graduated from school but are illiterate or at best have superficial knowledge despite having excellent marks at school. How many have graduated from the universities but can't even formulate their thoughts? With the new technologies it becomes a total disaster!

You can get any information from the internet. You don't really need to think, to explore profoundly.

On the other hand, the technological era will automate many of the human's skills. So the most desired and required professions will be scientists and in particular the interdisciplinary.

More than five years of experience of running wikiclubs shows that it suits all students: smart or not. Each student can find his or her niche and grow! They get profound knowledge, they acquire learning skills such as literacy, concentration, perception skills and thinking abilities.

Wikiclubs are an alternative and not formal educational activities. The idea to open Wikiclubs in different regions of Armenia was born out of the concern to provide youngsters with a meaningful activity and make education a habit.

In Wikiclubs we use Wiktionary for improving children's literacy, we use Wikisource for attention and literacy. Wikipedia and Wikiversity are great tools for improving concentration, formulating thoughts, and deepening perception, diligence and thinking abilities.

To penetrate into education without permission of the authorities we have started training different generations, middle school students, high school students, teachers and lecturers.

It is time to bring this opportunity to schools and not via the utilities but via the creativity of each teacher and individual educators.

We train hundreds of teachers to contribute to Wikipedia and now we need to encourage teachers to bring these skills to the classroom and develop their own way of working with students via the Wikiprojects.

How does your proposal add knowledge to the international community in Wikimedia and education?
  1. Different wiki projects for different youth ages.
  2. Impact of wiki contribution on advancements of students.
  3. Inclusion of wiki in curriculum.
Who is the intended ideal audience for the topic?

Education organizers, teachers, Wikipedia&Education enthusiasts.

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