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Wikintegration (WikiBooks, Wikipedia, Wikiversity) - Sociology and Communication

Author(s) of the submission
Liráucio Girardi Júnior
E-mail address

Country/place of origin
Affiliation, if any (organisation, company etc.)
Faculdade Casper Libero /Municipal University of Sao Caetano do Sul

Main theme
Type of session
Wikimedia Convergence - Open Educational Resources - Mobile
Length of session
20 min
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In this presentation, we intend to show our initial experiment with a blog of an academic course "Sociology and Communication" - a Wordpress' platform - and how we are converting it to educational WikiMedia ambiance. We propose a integration or convergence among Wikibooks , Wikiversity and Wikipedia Plataforms (maybe Wikiquotes). All this OERs contents are made to be visited by mobile devices. We initiate this project in 2018 at Casper Libero College (Communication) and intend to submit it to our Center for Interdisciplinary Research in 2019.

How does your proposal adds knowledge to the international community in Wikimedia and education?
  1. it will help us thinking about OERs for mobile devices (not only production but access and uses).
  2. it will be very important think about and discuss the possibilities and constraints of a complex integration (convergence) between Wikimedia platforms
  3. It will help us to become or to integrate a regional wikimedia community
Who is the intended ideal audience for the topic?

Teachers, students and all the people who is working with this goals (or interested in it) with different kind of experiences and knowledge to share

Slides or further information
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