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Wikipedia Education Program in Engineering at Hashemite University in Jordan

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Hashemite University - Jordan

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Wikipedia Education Program at the Hashemite University (HU) in Jordan is one of the largest education programs in the Middle East and it includes around 12 faculties in the university as well as many professors, campus ambassadors and online volunteers.  We established a Wikipedia Team at HU consisting of professors and students in order to enrich the Wikipedia website with more scientific and literary Arabic content related to the courses taught at HU. I’m, Dr. Eslam Almalkawi, responsible in the team and leading the group in Engineering Faculty since three years. We succeed to add many scientific Arabic articles and enhance the existing ones in Wikipedia. We also established a new student club at HU previous year called "Digital Arabic content club" funded by HU university in order to organize the students efforts from all faculties in the Wikipedia Education Program. In addition, we organize an honoring ceremony sponsored by HU president at the end of each academic year at HU to honor the students participating in Wikipedia Education Program and to encourage them to involve more. Moreover, we held meetings in HU with Wikipedia administrators such as, Katherine Roberts Maher, the executive director of Wikimedia foundation which resulted in signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to advance cultural cooperation and access to free knowledge resources in the Arabic language.

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teachers, students, learners.

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