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Wikimedia+Education Conference 2019/Submissions/Wikipedia as a tool for developing academic literacies: The case of Estonia

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Wikipedia as a tool for developing academic literacies: The case of Estonia

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Riina Reinsalu, Sirli Zupping

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University of Tartu

Main theme
How we make it happen
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Teachers, students (higher education)
Length of session
20 min + 10 min
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Development of academic literacies is an important aim of the studies at the university level, but sometimes it is difficult to achieve it because students’ motivation is low. One way to increase undergraduate students’ motivation in doing the academic writing assignments is to replace the traditional essay with the public Wikipedia article. Therefore, the Wikipedia-based writing task has been for several years a main part of the academic writing course at the University of Tartu. This presentation gives an overview how this writing task has been incorporated to the syllabus of the university-wide course “Estonian for Academic Purposes”. The description of the task is complemented by the results of the focus group interview with the lecturers who apply the Wikipedia-based task in their classes.
How does your proposal add knowledge to the international community in Wikimedia and education?

People can learn from our experiences.

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Academic and Teaching Staff (higher education)

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