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Wikimedia+Libraries/Program/Submission/Populating Wikidata with bibliographic data

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Title of your proposal[edit]

Name(s) and/or username(s)[edit]

Ursula Oberst, User:Walkuraxx
Information specialist, African Studies Centre Leiden


  • Tutorials and Training on Wikimedia’s core-knowledge projects (Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikisource, Wikimedia Commons)

Type of submission (Please choose one)[edit]

  • Tutorials, Trainings or Workshops

Keywords and hashtags[edit]

Wikidata, WikiCite


Option A

This tutorial will provide an introduction to Wikidata and the creation and curation of structured data about scholarly works and authors. Attendees will get to know the Wikidata data model and make their first edits. They will learn how to add a scholarly article to Wikidata, how to add/edit authors and how to visualize bibliographic data using Scholia. No prior knowledge of Wikidata is required.

Option B

If the attendees are more interested in batch additions to Wikidata I could alternatively provide a tutorial on the ingestion of bibliographic data into Wikidata using (open source) tools: Zotero, OpenRefine, MarcEdit and Wikidata Quick Statements. This tutorial requires some basic knowledge of Wikidata. Attendees should have already made manual edits to Wikidata.

Please indicate your preference below, thank you for your feedback :-)

For some documentention on the ingestion of bibilographic data to Wikidata, see: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/User:Walkuraxx/e-scholarship

Screencast on the ingestion of Rwandan children's books to Wikidata to be published.

Expected outcomes[edit]

Attendees will gain the skills to [batch] edit Wikidata items.

Duration (without Q&A)[edit]

45 min

Specific requirements[edit]

Presentation technology and access to wifi.

Interested attendees (Please add yourself, and you may indicate your questions to the presenter).[edit]

  1. Omorodion1 (talk) 19:11, 17 June 2022 (UTC) I strongly look forward to this presentation.[reply]
  2. Ngostary2k (talk) 22:16, 19 June 2022 (UTC)[reply]
  3. Obuezie (talk) 14:34, 22 June 2022 (UTC)[reply]
  4. Option B appeals to me. Rachel Helps (BYU) (talk) 16:47, 22 June 2022 (UTC)[reply]
  5. Option B sounds great! EriedgenArc (talk) 12:03, 23 June 2022 (UTC)[reply]
  6. Option B interests me greatly. --AhavaCohen (talk) 11:29, 18 July 2022 (UTC)[reply]