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Wikimedia+Libraries/Program/Submission/State of Wikimedia+Libraries 2021 - July 2022

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Title of your proposal[edit]

State of Wikimedia+Libraries 2021 - July 2022

Name(s) and/or username(s)[edit]

Email address: alicekibombo@gmail.com


  • Advocacy and Outreach in Local Contexts
  • Experience Sharing Panels
  • Productive Failures
  • Future Research - What are the initiatives/research that need to be done?
  • Publication and Research at the intersection of Wikimedia+Libraries

Type of submission (Please choose one)[edit]

  • Presentation

Keywords and hashtags[edit]

#Wikimedia, #Libraries, #Past, #Present, #Future


The involvement of libraries and librarians in various Wikimedia Movement initiatives and affiliates has grown exponentially during these last two years. But with reduced opportunities to meet in-person, many Wikimedians are not aware of the state of the general community but also what initiatives have been undertaken to enhance the opportunities available.

During this session, we plan to provide an insight on the state of Wikimedia in relation to Libraries(community numbers & data, affiliates data, possible reasons as to why the situation is the way it is, which projects are leading etc); recent technological developments in the Wikimedia Movement and the effect they may have on librarians' participation now and in the future in addition to presenting some of the most important initiatives conducted in different regions of the world. This will be in addition to addressing the developments around plans of select departments of the Wikimedia Foundation (e.g to the Wikimedia Foundation's GLAM and Culture team) to understand what are the ideas for Libraries in the next year.

Expected outcomes[edit]

Attendees will:

  • Obtain a greater level of understanding of how libraries operate as an area of activities and practice within the Wikimedia projects.
  • Get to know some important Wikimedia+Libraries initiatives organised by community members.
  • Understand the Wikimedia+Libraries priorities for the 2021-2022 period.
  • Gain a better understanding of some tools and technologies used in past and present projects.

Duration (without Q&A)[edit]

45 minutes (without Q&A), 60 minutes (with Q&A)

Specific requirements[edit]

Microphone, Projector

Interested attendees (Please add yourself, and you may indicate your questions to the presenter).[edit]

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  2. Kclibrarian (talk) 15:26, 24 June 2022 (UTC)[reply]