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Wikimedia+Libraries International Convention 2022/Attend/Participants

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23-24 July 2022 | Maynooth - Ireland

This is the list of participants of the Wikimedia+Libraries Convention 2022. Please note that only the participants who received an Eventbrite confirmation email or a confirmation email from the scholarship committee should enter their name here.

This list is volunteer-based and the information should be entered directly by the participants.

Information about languages column.

Wikimedia+Libraries 2022 Participant List
Name and/or username Languages Your favorite projects or topics of interest What would you like to learn during the conference? How to contact you during the conference? Other info or comment
Bridges2Information Laurie Bridges en-N, es-1 Wikipedia as an educational tool in information literacy instruction for university students I am interested in all the ways libraries use Wikipedia to engage their communities and learners. Email: Laurie.Bridges@oregonstate.edu or Twitter: LaurieMBridges I look forward to meeting everyone!
Jens Bemme de-N, en-2, es-2 1lib1nearby, Die Datenlaube (Wikisource+Wikidata), Linked Open Storytelling Like to get to know people doing and linking fancy wiki*things Email: Jens.Bemme@slub-dresden.de or Twitter: jeb_140

Esther Bravo Govea

es-N, en, pt #1Lib1Ref, #KnowWithWiki, LibraryScience/Commons/Free Culture/Disinformation, Reduction of Wikipedia’s gaps combine Wikimedia + Library Science (libraries, librarians, information, knowledge, education, data, semantic, strategies, projects, tools, users, and collections) Email: esther.bravo.govea@gmail.com Meeting + Sharing = new ideas = new friends
AKibombo Alice Kibombo lg-N, en-5, de-2, sw-4 Email : alicekibombo@gmail.com

Twitter : @Owakakalamu


Adaora C. Obuezie

Ig-N,en-4 #AfLibWk, 1Lib1Ref, wiki loves women. I am interested in Librarian's use of wikipedia for information visibility and access and wikipedia as an educational tool for instruction and research in tertiary institutions. Email: adaoraobuezie@yahoo.com or Twitter: @AdaObuezie I look forward to an inclusive participation and networking.

Núria Ferran Ferrer

Ca-N,es, en Women and Wikipedia, Wikipedia as an educational tool, Public sphere and Wikipedia I am interested in Librarian's use of wikipedia for information visibility and access and Wikipedia as an educational tool for instruction and research in tertiary institutions. Email: nferranf@ub.edu or Twitter: @nferranf



David Ramírez-Ordóñez

es-N, ca, en Wikipedia and gender I am interested in Wikipedia and gender. Email: davidramirez@uoc.edu or Twitter: @hiperterminal
AfricanLibrarian Nkem Osuigwe Ig-N en-4 Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikiversity, 1lib1ref, #AfLibWk, Wiki Loves Women I am curious and want to find out the intersections between libraries and all Wikimedia projects as well as how to fully integrate all of them into library services in Africa for Africans. Email: neosuigwe@aflia.net or Twitter: @librarian_nkem I look forward to engaging with everyone!
DoreenAppiah Doreen Appiah Ig-N en-4 Wikipedia, Wikipedia as an educational tool, Wikisource, Wikidata, #AfLibWk, Lib1Ref, I am interested in how Wikimedia projects can be used in Libraries as educational tools to enhance access to authentic information in Africa. Email: programofficer@aflia.net or Twitter: @Doreen_Appiah I look forward to meeting, learning, sharing ideas, networking and collaborating on projects.
Ngozi Eunice Osadebe Eng, Ibo Art + Feminism, English Wikipedia I am interested in using Wikipedia as a tool to empower marginalized groups ( Women, children, youth and prople with disabilities) ngozi.osadebe@unn.edu.ng

twitter: @osadebe_1

Looking forward to meet all of us at Ireland

Ngozi P. Osuchukwu

Ig-N, en-4 #Wikipedia, AfLibWk, #1Lib1Ref, #WikiCommons, #Aka oru ndi Igbo, #Wikiloveswomen #WikiSanta I wish to meet other librarians Wikipedia and learn new things from them as well as learn how to integrated Wikimedia in my courses with my students and use of Wikipedia in community information services. Email: ngostary2k@yahoo.com or Twitter: @Ngostary2k This must be interesting and enriching so I am looking forward to it all.
Omorodion Okuonghae Ed-N, en-5, Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata. My interest include 1Lib1Ref, GLAM-Wiki, Wiki for Climate and Environmental Sustainability and Using Wikipedia to bridge the Gender Gap. I am interested in learning how to successfully integrate Wikipedia in Information Literacy programs of libraries and also how to activate GLAM-Wiki projects in Nigerian Libraries. Email: okuonghaeo@yahoo.com or Twitter: omorodionok I'm excited at the prospects of meeting and building new connections. This convention provide the perfect opportunity to share and learn from diverse experiences.
Chinwe Anunobi Eng. Ig. Wikipedia, AfLibWk, Wikidata, Wikilobephoto Would want to learn how wikimedia could help increase visibility of legally deposited resources in our National library; help enhance our relevance to the achievement of sustainable development and our relevance as information gateways and purveyors.
Anntinomy Ukrainian, English Ukrainian Wikipedia, reusing Wikimedia content, illustrating Wikipedia, public perception of Wikipedia, archives, academic libraries Copyright status for GLAM collections, motivating and educating librarians to integrate with Wikimedia projects, how to create successful Wikimedia projects for libraries, identifying and prioritizing knowledge gaps on Wikipedia Twitter: Anntinomy
Fiona Romeo (Wikimedia Foundation) English Commons, image description, attribution practices, cultural restitution, and 1Lib1Ref I am looking forward to meeting everyone and learning how the Foundation can better support librarians to engage with Wikimedia projects and communities Email: fromeo at wikimedia.org or Twitter: foe
CMwaura|Carol Mwaura en-5, sw-5 Shrinking Gender Gap on Wikipedia, Wiki Loves Women/enWiki Commons, 1Lib1Ref, Art+Feminism User Group Looking Forward to networking and learning as much as i can on how WMF is supporting Librarians. Email:carolwm07@gmail.com

Twittter: c_mwaura [1]

Walkuraxx / Ursula Oberst de-N, nl-4, en-3 Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, WikiProject Africa Looking forward to meet and learn from you ! Email: oberst@ascleiden.nl
Shahadusadik / Sadik Shahadu dag-N,en-5 Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, and Lexemes I hope to learn more about Wikimedia projects from different Wikimedia communities. Email: sadik@mhzfoundation.org Twitter:@Sadike25 Looking forward to a great learning experience
Lilian Viana pt-N,en-3, es-2, fr-1 Wikipédia as a tool to teach information literacy in higher education, Wikidata. I would like to explore possibilities to use wikipedia in activities with higher education students and also the possibilites that Wikimedia projects offer to organize and communicate libraries heritage Email: lilianviana@usp.br Looking forward to learn, share and meet wikilibrarians:)
Skvader (Violet Fox) en-N Wikipedia (more women and disabled people representation), Wikidata Looking forward to learning more about the possibilites for Wikimedia projects in libraries. twitter: @violetbfox This is going to be great! Thanks to the organizers & volunteers for making it happen.
Bibliodrome Jonathan J. Salazar es-N, en-3, Wikipedia as an educational tool; Reading Wikipedia in the classroom program; 1Lib1Ref Interested in all projects that link the use of wikipedia with education and libraries. jonathan.jimenez@cetys.mx I´m ready to experience the new information revolution
Rhagfyr en-N Wikipedia, Library infoboxes, Libraries Wikiproject, Zines wikiproject (would like to start one) Interested in teamwork on wikiprojects, developing design skills and LIS links. twitter: @colette_lis Very excited!
KellyDoyle en-N Wikipedia and gender/representation gaps How other libraries and GLAMs have addressed content and editor gaps twitter: @kellyjeanne9 Looking forward to learning and seeing everyone in-person again at a Wikimedia conference!
fischerdata de-N; es-3,fr-2 swed-4 and en-3 Wikibase and Authority Files the Wikilibrary Manifesto [2] and the German National Library twitter: @fischerdata@gndnet Hoping for an exchange on Wikibase projects at an offline Wikimedia conference!

Britt-Marie Ingdén-Ringselle

sv-N; en-3,ru-3 and de-1 #1Lib1Ref, #KnowWithWiki, Reduction of Wikipedia’s gaps It will be my first WikiLibCon, so really looking forward to networking and learning as much as i can on how WMF is supporting Librarians. ingdenringselle@gmail.com Looking forward to learn, share and meet wikilibrarians:)
tramullas es-N, en-3 1Lib1Ref; Library & Information Science; Commons; GLAM; information literacy; Integrating Wikimedia projects in higher education; library & archive GLAM projects tramullas@protonmail.ch
Infoscienceaddict Afroditi Fragkou el-N, en-3, fr-2 Wikidata and libraries I am interested in all the ways librarians can get involved in Wikidata and how Wikidata can help libraries improve their services. Email: infoscienceaddict@gmail.com or Twitter: Infoscienceaddict I look forward to meeting everyone and exchanging ideas!
AhavaCohen he-N, en-N, cy-2 Wikidata and libraries I am very involved in roundtripping metadata between Wikidata and cataloging records, use of Wikidata as a QA tool for catalogs, and the future of Wikidata and a Linked Data hub ahava.cohen@nli.org.il
Matthewvetter Matt Vetter en-N, es-1 Wikipedia-based education for writing, research, and information literacy in higher education. Educational uses of all Wikimedia projects; Wikipedian-in-Residence opportunities; Wikidata Email: mvetter@iup.edu or Twitter: @Matthewvetter Safe travels, all!
Kclibrarian Kim Gile English Wikimedia in public libraries, information literacy Public engagement around wiki projects Email: kimgile@kclibrary.org
B20180 th-N, en-2 Wikimedia Thailand, Wikimedia Commons 1Lib1Ref and educational projects
Karolingva Karolina Andersdotter sv-N, en-5 #1lib1ref, Wikipedia for scholarly communication, Wikipedia as an emancipatory force for democracy and freedom of information I'm very keen to learn about global experiences of Wikimedia and libraries, how they can support human rights (especially access to knowledge and freedom of information), and how Wikimedia can be used as a tool to fight/prevent information colonialism. E-mail: karolina.andersdotter[a]abo.fi, Twitter: @Karolingva
Rachel Helps en-N eo-2 I often edit pages on enwiki in Mormon studies, and I've also tinkered with stuff on Commons and Wikidata I want to know what other libraries are doing with Wikimedia projects! Maybe I can copy them :-) email: rachel_helps@byu.edu; Twitter: @rachel_helps
Aude Charillon fr-N, en-5 Commons, Wikidata; citizen engagement, information literacy I'm hoping to learn from other participants how they've used Wikimedia projects to engage citizens and to promote the role of librarians and libraries in society Twitter: Audesome Anybody else arriving in Dublin late on the Friday night?? *trying not to worry about the travel*
Alan Ang (Wikimedia Deutschland) en-N, zh-5, de-3, vi-3 Wikidata, Wikibase, Wikibase.cloud, Wikiproject Singapore I am looking forward to meeting everyone and learning how Wikimedia Germany can better support librarians to engage with Wikidata and Wikibase. Email: alan.ang@wikimedia.de
Michael David MILLER (il & he), Wikimédia Canada, User:BiblioQC en-N, fr-N (like native), ca-1 Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, How librarians are incorporating Wikimedia projects into their work?

How they talk about and promote Wikimedia projects within and outside their libraries? Have they had success convincing colleagues within and outside of the library to contribute to Wikimedia projects within their work?

Email / courriel : michael.david.miller@mcgill.ca / mdmiller@wikimedia.ca
Rçag, Jérôme MUTOMBO Kayembe en-3, fr-N, ln-5, de-2 Wikipedia, LinguaLibre, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, 1Lib1Ref Real collaboration with other IT colleagues, Developers and librarians, about importing/exporting metadata unimarc (ISO 2709) from and to wikidata Email : admin@mikanda.info /jeromutombo@gmail.com

Twitter: @jeromutombo Web: Mikanda


Patricia Horrillo Guerra

es-N, en Gender and LGBT+ gaps in Wikipedia; digital skills acquired through Wikipedia; Education and Wikipedia I am interested in learning about successful initiatives between Wikipedia and libraries. Email: patricia.horrillo@wikiesfera.org

Twitter: @PatriHorrillo



Axel Dürkop

de, en Openness discourses, especially Open Education, Open Educational Resources, Open Source and Open Science; participation and collaboration in hybrid spaces; projects with public libraries I'm looking forward to understanding the Wikiverse better, the purpose of Wikidata and possible connection points between higher education and Wikimedia Email: axel.duerkop@tuhh.de

Mastodon: @xldrkp axel-duerkop.de

Julia Brungs

Julia Brungs - Wikimedia Foundation

de-N, en-5, fi-2 I work on community relations for the Wikimedia Foundation Advancement Team I am looking forward to meeting community members! Email: jbrungs@wikimedia.org

Twitter: @Julia_Brungs


Antoine Srun - Wikimédia France

fr-N, en-4, ca-1 I'm a current board member of the chapter for France, Wikimedia France, i'm interested in w:en:knowledge management and experiences and projects reuse in the movement, notably Learning pattern. I occasionally work on food and languages on wikimedian projects. I hope to learn about the needs of librarians in the wikimedian movement. Userpage : User:Assassas77

Twitter: @assassas77


Lucy Hinnie - Wikimedia UK & British Library

en-N, ge-4 Wikimedian in Residence at the British Library I hope to learn more about other Residencies and practices around the world. Userpage : User:EriedgenArc

Twitter: @BL_Wikimedian