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Wikimedia Argentina/GLAM Program Evaluation 2016/Editing challenges 2016

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Online editing challenge May 2016




From May 10th until June 7th, Wikimedia Argentina carried out the second editing challenge of 2016. It was promoted after we conducted a survey among our editors in March. According to the results, the third most interesting project for the editors in Argentina is Wikidata, and according to what they would like to edit in different challenges, 52.1% determined that editing is necessary to improve articles.



Since last year’s second semester, Wikimedia Argentina has been proposing editing challenges to attend the needs and demands of its online community. During 2015, from the organization we started to involve editors who work and participate online, as an active part of our community. In this ways, we seek to create a better balance between the offline and online activities, a balance that will help us protect our community’s health, because they were tired. At the same time we hope to be able to take strategies to the country’s inland, where it was impossible for us to attend to all the proposed initiatives.
The outcomes we look for specifically are the following:

  1. To balance the actions: to suggest activities which allow our community to work online. This way, working offline is much more detailed and specific, and it is related to community meetings, events and training workshops. Above all, these meetings are ludic spaces.
  2. To favour inclusion: the editing challenges pretend to be a meeting space for the Argentinian online community. During 2015, we realized that it was impossible to attend Argentinian communities’ needs and demands in-person. In this way, through surveys conducted among editors we can schedule interesting activities for our community, which could be done online so everyone could attend. We promote Wikipedia as a social and inclusive space.
  3. To attend the community’s needs globally: our community is spread through all the Argentinean provinces. We know about the interests and demands of our community through surveys conducted all around the country.

From this point of view, Wikimedia Argentina has already carried out two editing challenges in 2016:

  1. The challenge of wikifying articles (January 2016): during January we launched our first editing challenge of the year: wikifying articles. This first challenge didn’t work out to the best. Held during the summer and prior to the survey conducted among editors, the outcome wasn’t the one expected.
  2. Wikidata challenge and categorization: it was launched in May. After having conducted the survey among editors, we confirmed that the third project they work most at is Wikidata and that 51% consider most important to categorize articles. From this perspective, we organized an editing challenge which meant the creation and improvement of +2000 articles.


Métricas Resultados desafío de edición enero 2016
New registered 1
Number of female participants 0
Number of participants 13
% Gender parity 0%
Number of final/ registered assistants 100%
Number of created articles n/a
Number of improved articles 49
Number of created and improved articles under the WMAR quality ratio n/a
Number of WMAR volunteers involved 0

Métricas Resultados desafío de edición mayo 2016
Newly registered 5
Number of female participants 1
Number of participants 16
Number of volunteers involved 1
% Gender parity 0,06%
Number of women involved till the end of the activity 1
Number of female volunteers 0
Number of final/ registered assistants 89%
Number of improved articles on Wikipedia 1816
Number of edited articles on Wikidata 788
Number of created and improved articles under the WMAR quality ratio 2604
Number of WMAR volunteers involved 1