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Wikimedia Argentina/Summary

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Short presentation of the chapter

  • Founded in September 2007 (officially recognized as chapter in December 2007)
  • Has 70 members
  • Is the first chapter of the Spanish-speaking world and also the first of the Southern Hemisphere.

What has been done so far


Plans for the future

  • Stimulate the development of native languages Wikipedias (we are signed a cooperation treaty with INADI)
  • Develop a Spanish-language version of Wikipedia offline
  • Giving support to teachers and educational institutions on the Wikipedia usage in the class
  • Create a book on Social Memory focused on Argetina's last military government, the return to democracy, and the implicances in human rights in Argentina.

Best success

  • Wikimania 2009
  • Workshops with school teachers and students
  • Relation with mass media local press

Worst headache

  • Local bureaucracy
  • Inadequate budget