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A Walk Around the World: Africa[edit]

The second stage of “A Walk Around the World” edit-a-thon was organized in October. This stage was dedicated to Africa. During this stage, the participants have created articles on the cities of different countries located in Africa.

Twenty-five participants took part in the second stage of the project. Altogether they created articles on Armenian Wikipedia about cities located in 23 countries. In total, 121 articles about different cities were created. They were mostly translated from English and Russian.

Not only Wikiclub members but also different wiki editors who were greatly interested in the topic joined the project and actively created articles from the very first day.

Articles created during the second stage of the project added 1,007,781 bytes in total to Armenian Wikipedia.

Awards ceremony of “Wiki Campaign on Armenian Topics”[edit]

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On the award ceremony
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On October 8, the results of the edit-a-thon organized by the "Internet Society of Armenia" and "Wikimedia Armenia" scientific-educational non-governmental organizations within the framework of the events dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the ".հայ" domain were summarized.

The event took place in the conference hall of the "Holiday Inn" hotel. Representatives of organizations, winners, and other interested people took part in the event.

Cash prizes were awarded to the top three editors who created quality articles, the authors of the top three articles, the best wiki trainer who taught Wikipedia during the three months of the competition, and then helped the new participants to edit and publish the articles.

The award ceremony was organized by the "Internet Society of Armenia" non-governmental organization, which provided certificates of participation, small gifts, and gift cards in the amount of 50 to 100 thousand drams.

During the competition, more than 40 participants wrote 722 articles about the history of Armenia, monuments, settlements, and people. The speakers positively assessed the results of the competition, expressed hope that it will become a tradition and it will be continuous.

Education around the World[edit]

This month within our Summer Wikipedia training course which started in July an edit-a-thon was held called “Education around the World” in order to motivate the participants. The aim of the edit-a-thon was to develop educational topics on Armenian Wikipedia with the help of Wikipedia training’s participants as well as teachers from the Wikimedia community and other editors.

The edit-a thon was launched on October 4 and lasted till October 12. Seventeen participants registered for the edit-a-thon. Twenty-three articles have been created (not including the improvements to various articles).

Preparation for CEE Online Meeting 2021[edit]

On November 5-7, the CEE Online Meeting 2021 was planned to be organized and Wikimedia Armenia decided to join the meeting to present Wikipedia courses for different target groups. The Wikimedia Armenia staff chose a 45-minute lecture as the format of their speech to provide a more detailed and comprehensive overview of Wikipedia training courses.

It was planned that each speaker would present the different aspects of Wikipedia courses: background, target groups, extension to other projects, comparative analysis of best practices and failures of different years’ courses, the advantages and disadvantages of Covid-19 changes. After distributing the topics among the speakers, each speaker began to work on a meaningful presentation of their topic.

According to the CEE online meeting guide, it was possible to present the speech in a pre-recorded version. It was decided to make a pre-recorded video by Wikimedia Armenia.

Wikiclubs' report[edit]

In October, the Wikiclub members actively participated in "A Walk around the World" project, during which they created articles about the cities of Africa, the club members also participated in the "Education around the World" project. During the month, the club members were active in other projects, as well and they have organized and carried out numerous intra-club events.

Lernapat Wikiclub held an edit-a-thon dedicated to Teacher’s Day on October 5. On October 8, a game-competition was held in the club, during which the participants corrected the mistakes in different articles of the Armenian Wikipedia.

Alaverdi Wikiclub had a video meeting with members of the Charentsavan wiki group. They talked about the importance of editing Wikipedia, the Wikiclub and its activities were introduced, and as a summary, participants played an interesting wiki game. At the end of the video meeting, teams were formed to guide the new members of the club as mentors within the framework of the "Wikifriend 2" project, to teach newcomers to edit. During the month, the mentors worked intensively with beginners, helping them to take their first steps in the wiki world. At the beginning of the month, the three best articles of the previous month were selected in Alaverdi Wikiclub, which are: Vermiphobia, Flag of New Mexico, Charles Macintosh.

The Goris Wikiclub members continued to write articles on the Armenian Wikipedia, also, they had two meetings with students from other schools to whom they introduced Wikipedia and Wikiclubs.

The Stepanakert Wikiclub members started improving the articles about Artsakh this month. During the month the articles about Hadrut, Aygestan, Sarinshen, and Vank village of Hadrut region, Garnakar and Chldran were improved.

The Wikiclubs were also active on Wikisource during the month. New members have joined the Wikiclubs this month, four of whom continue their work on Wikisource.

Wikiclubs Bytes+ (Wikipedia) Bytes- (Wikipedia) Edits (Wikipedia) Articles Bytes+ (Wikisource) Bytes- (Wikisource) Edits Created Proofread Confirmed
Alaverdi Wikiclub 231623 -10237 154 22 0 0 0 0 0 0
Arevstsag Wikiclub 49994 -563 105 3 0 0 0 0 0 0
Gyumri (Khrimyan Hayrik 46) 1168 -184 14 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Goris Wikiclub 205532 -7095 191 19 0 0 0 0 0 0
Ddmashen Wikiclub 302216 -31385 131 24 165196 -1253 119 51 74 44
Lernapat Wikiclub 1327099 -110607 954 128 20665 -1156 11 6 7 0
Kogh Wikiclub 41282 -241 8 7 53465 -3726 29 13 0 27
Hatsik Wikiclub 337403 -2088 102 35 0 0 0 0 0 0
Stepanakert Wikiclub 192655 -508 53 17 0 0 0 0 0 0
Karvachar Wikiclub 152237 -199 32 17 0 0 0 0 0 0
Archis Wikiclub 42101 -4 21 5 0 0 0 0 0 0
Gandzakar Wikiclub 41865 0 36 8 0 0 0 0 0 0
Verin Karmiraghbyur Wikiclub 174378 -128 46 11 0 0 0 0 0 0
Kirants Wikiclub 41141 -177 36 5 263012 -910 108 89 106 0
TOTAL 3141296 -163416 1884 301 502938 -7045 269 159 187 71