Wikimedia Australia/Activities/Website

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Website/s that can be useful for us.[edit]

"officialwiki" - MW install for official info about WMAU.


Blog - probably Wordpress for its ubiquity.

Can include

  • WMAU news (official meetings, comm appointments, comm activity reports, other officialdom, membercounts)
  • reports on WMF news that affects chapters
  • Announcements and reports of Wikimedia meetups and other Wikimedian events
  • News relayed regarding Australian Wikimedia editors, projects and content (e.g. could announce the w:WP:ACOTF)
  • info about Wikimedia Australia/Activities/Editors Challenge
  • announcements about events and groups of interest (e.g. LCA)
  • announcements about govt & other institutions' policy and law changes of interest (copyright; releasing works under free licenses)[edit]

Portal for Australia-related high-quality Wikimedia content. ?[edit]

Could be a wiki for members. Is it needed? Seems like meta will suffice for a long time if not ever. ?[edit]



Private wiki for the committee.[edit]

Mailman mailing lists hosted by WMAU.[edit]

A shortcut to the wikimediaau-l mailing list hosted by WMF.