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Wikimedia Australia/Incorporation/Agenda

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  1. Welcome, and clarification of who can vote. Acknowledgement & thankyou for educationau's conference call support.
  2. Secretary to appoint Returning Officers in each teleconference linkup location to take attendance and votes.
  3. Note that the Wikimedia Foundation has approved the Draft Rules for incorporation
  4. RESOLUTION: Approve the proposed statement of purpose.
  5. RESOLUTION: Approve the Draft Rules.
  6. RESOLUTION: Apply for incorporation as an association under the Victorian Associations Incorporation Act 1981.
  7. RESOLUTION: Appoint Brian Salter-Duke as the Public Officer to incorporate Wikimedia Australia.
  8. RESOLUTION: Affirm the people listed at Wikimedia_Australia/Interim_committee as members of the provisional committee, to serve until the election of the committee at the inaugural AGM.
  9. AOB