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Any language allowed in Wikidata



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The Language Committee of the Wikimedia Foundation, which is in charge of developing and processing new language projects, has decided that any language should be admissible for use in Wikidata. As always this comes with several considerations.

  • The language needs to have an ISO-639-3 code, which is a numeric representation of language names particularly in computer systems. Languages used with multiple scripts need to be configured in this way.
  • Historic languages are permitted; newly minted words are not.
  • Constructed languages are permitted.
  • Language Localisation on MediaWiki is not required for the use of Wikidata.

As Wikidata moves towards a repository of useful statements, it is likely that this information will be presented in an increasing number of Wikipedias. As items in Wikidata are enriched, all infoboxes in various Wikipedias that rely on data from Wikidata will be enriched as well.