Wikimedia CEE Hub/Steering Committee/Participation

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As part of the introduction of governance structures in the CEE Hub there until one week before the Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2023 (~ September 8th) there is a call for participation in the Steering Committee (SC) of the CEE Hub. You can sign up to signal your interest in participating in the Steering Committee below.

To better illustrate what is expected of a member of the Steering Committee, here are a few examples of how you could help the CEE Hub as a SC member:

  • Expertise
    • Knowledge of the Wikimedia communities of a certain area within Central and Eastern Europe
    • Knowledge of international processes within the global Wikimedia community
    • Familiarity with grant making or other application processes with the Wikimedia Foundation
    • Good English skills
  • Time you should spend as a SC member
    • Bi-weekly status meetings every Wednesday evening (usually 1 hour)
    • Participation in an in-person meeting of the SC once a year
    • Participation in the annual Wikimedia CEE Meeting (including an extra day for CEE Hub work)
    • Representing the CEE Hub at international meetings (online or somewhere in or close to Europe)
  • How you will be supported
    • Staff and other SC members of the CEE Hub will support you in onboarding, working together on various tasks that the CEE Hub is conducting, and supporting you in making participation in these tasks as easy as possible
    • There is also the possibility of using the CEE Hub network to participate in building up your expertise in organisational processes with trainings and courses

I am interested in participating[edit]

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