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What will the weather be like?
Weather forecast for period between 10-15 October 2012 is clear, with no precipitation. Temperature will range between 10 degrees Celsius (morning) to 20 degrees (noon).
Can I hire a bicycle?
Yes you can.
How much money should I bring?
Belgrade is cheap city by western standards. You may take sandwich for 100-200 dinars (1-2 euros). Breakfast in restaurants range between 500-1000 dinars (5-10 euros). Lunch is around 10 euros and dinner also the same. Coffee is around 100-150 dinars (1-1,5 euros), soft drinks 150-200 dinars and tea 80-200 dinars (0,8-2 euros).
I can't buy Dinars in my country. Should I bring GBP, USD or euros, or doesn't it matter?
When should I tip, and how much?
Tip is common in Serbia and Belgrade, and you may tip wherever and how much you want. Regular tip is between 50-100 dinars (0,5-1 euro).
How do I get from the airport to the city?
There are a few ways to get from airport to the city. By bus number 72 (price 150 dinars), A1 bus or by cab (around 600 dinars). More bus & taxi info here
What are the emergency numbers for police and ambulance?
Police number is +381 (0)11 192 and Ambulance is +381 (0)11 194
What languages are commonly spoken?
Serbian language is official in Serbia. English is common and almost everybody understand it and speak it well. Majority understand German, Spanish, Italian and Russian on basic level.
Does Serbia have freedom of panorama? Can I safely take pictures of official buildings, trains and planes?
Yes you can take a pictures around the city. Taking pictures of military buildings and underground metro stations is forbidden.
Does the venue have Wi-Fi?
Does the hotel have free Wi-Fi?
How easily can I find free Wi-Fi in cafes, bars, etc?
Very easy. Almost every cafe and bar have Wi-Fi, There is also free Wi-Fi in some parks.
Is there a social event on Friday evening?