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Please copy this template to a subpage of Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018/Bids (for (a very theoretical) example Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018/Bids/Antarctica). Do not change the layout or structure of this template.

Application 1[edit]

Wikimedia affiliate:


Primary contact person[edit]

Proposed event venue[edit]

Proposed accommodation venue[edit]

Expected total budget[edit]

Proposed event dates[edit]


What will the event be like if you were awarded the right to host it? Please describe your plan including the proposed duration, scale and any points of interest (such as social activities or innovations to the event format). Include any multimedia, external links, or description that you would like.



Which Wikimedia affiliate staff, local partner organisation staff and/or volunteers will be actively supporting (aka working on any of its part) this event.

Name Role Estimated time allocation Experiences in organizing of events


Which event(s) of 50+ participants did you, your team, or affiliate previously organise?


How accessible will this event be? This includes visa conditions for likely attendee nationalities; disability access at the venue(s); ease of travel to nearest international airport/train hub.

Please provide a link to the English website of your country’s visa conditions (or list CEE and other relevant countries needing visa), and indicate if you have previous experience in securing visas for attendees.

Please provide some kind of verification / assurance of enough WiFi capacity and speed.


How much do you expect this event will cost? Please either fill-out the tables below, or provide a separate spreadsheet if this table is not applicable to your budget format (e.g if Accommodation and Venue are a grouped budget item). Please provide links or documents which show how costs have been estimated.

Note: each participating organisation is expected to send two delegates


Nr. Item description Unit Quantity Cost per unit Total cost USD Comments
1. Travel costs
1.1. International travel participant
1.2. Domestic travel participant
1.3. Visa fees participant


Nr. Item description Unit Quantity Cost per unit Total cost USD Comments
2. Accommodation costs
2.1. Lodging participant
2.2. Catering participant


Nr. Item description Unit Quantity Cost per unit Total cost USD Comments
3. Venue costs
3.1. Rent days
3.2. Coffee breaks breaks
3.3. Technical support estimated

Please list at least the major items (if not all) of the technical support.

Other income / expenses[edit]

If applicable: Are there any other expected sources of revenue for this event other than a WMF Event grant, e.g. sponsorship (monetary/in-kind) or local Chapter fundraising?

Nr. Item description Unit Quantity Cost per unit Total cost USD Comments
4. Income (inc. in-kind)

If applicable: Are there are any other expected costs which might be applicable, e.g. a party, sightseeing tour, culture event, local transport shuttle/ticket...?

Nr. Item description Unit Quantity Cost per unit Total cost USD Comments
5. Other expense


If dinner is not provided, please provide typical average meal price including common beverages and typical average prices for common basic food.


Primary contact person for the proposal, and chairperson/director of the supporting affiliate, please sign below to indicate your proposal is complete and accurate.

  • Primary contact:
  • Affiliate chair/director: