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Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018/Programme/Submission/Wikidata’s Magic Button

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Wikidata’s Magic Button


Name(s) and/or username(s)

Hanna Petruschat, User:Hanna Petruschat (WMDE)
Wikimedia Deutschland, UX & Interaction Designer


  1. Strategic discussions:
    • Attracting new editors and creating comfortable conditions for them.
  2. Capacity development:
    • Wikidata, particularly integration into local wikis.
    • Encouragement of new editors.
    • Writing and using learning patterns.
    • Technical skills, particularly to speed up the editing.

Type of submission (Please choose one)

  • Workshop (work in groups)



This workshop will give a brief introduction to Wikidata and the design research around it. As a participant you will have the opportunity to share your experiences and therefor learn from other people's experience. There will be group work and mostly off-the-laptop creative parts (look forward for some Lego). The creation of a Magic Button will help you to express your needs towards Wikidata in a hands-on way. From “I only heard of Wikidata” to “I’m a daily contributor” everyone is welcome!

Expected outcomes


You will have an understanding what Wikidata is about, how it might help your needs and how other people use it for their purposes already. Your contribution will help to improve the Wikidata software. This will be a workshop to share experiences and learn from each other.

Duration (without Q&A)


85 minutes (+5 spare minutes for Q&A)

Specific requirements

  • tables and chairs for group work
  • projector

Slides or further information


Interested attendees (Please add yourself, and you may indicate your questions to the presenter).