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Laser target your social media audience

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  • workshop
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User:KuboF Hromoslav


Esperanto and Free Knowledge

  • Social Media, Community Engagement, ~Technology?
Abstract (up to 100 words)

Socia media are already one of the most liked and visited sites on the internet and their significance will probably raise. These sites are full of potential new wikimedians, who now even don't know they really want to edit wikis. Using paid ads on social media is full of pitfalls and on the beginning can be overwhelming. In this workshop I will focus on how to target the right audience for your paid ads, so you don't loose donors' money on people with no interest.

Bring your own computer, because you will learn by doing simultaneusly with me. The social media platform to be used is Facebook, so make sure you are registered. The basic principles presented are applicable also on another platforms which support targeting.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

The participants will know the most important principles to target and engage a social media audience and so making effective social media campaigns.

Special requirements

projector, the room should be capable to accommodate participant working on their own computers and enable free movement of the presenter between the participants.

Slides or further information

Please, in order to save time during the workshop and have smoother experience, in advance set up your ad account on Facebook. You can observe the principles without doing it with me, but in such case you would learn less and I will focus on helping people who do the practical work. Follow these steps:

  1. If you are not registered on Facebook, register at
  2. Have a Facebook page (not only personal account)
    1. Ideally be an admin on your affiliation's / wiki project's Facebook page.
    2. Eventually, you can create a demo page about nothing with only minimal content. In such case go to
  3. Create an ad account.
    1. For the workshop purposes it is enought to use your personal ad account, follow
    2. If you are serious about Facebook ads for your Wikimedia organisation, create a new "Facebook Business" at - Facebook consider it to be a safer way to share access to multiple related pages and ad accounts

Interested attendees[edit]

If you are interested in attending this session, please sign with your username below. This will help reviewers to decide which sessions are of high interest. Sign with a hash and four tildes. (# ~~~~).

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  • Communities use facebook ads, hope to find out about new tools for advertising
  1. introduction + theory
    1. core principles in using paid ads
    2. 20% knowledge, 80% results
  2. practical work
    1. set up your ad account (if you don't have it)
  3. if time permits, discussion
  • Targeting your social mesdia audience for paid ads
  • some related pitfalls (not many)
  • Get your hands dirty
  • it's not one way talk
  • it is not paid social media A-Z
  • not about viral images, posts... organic social media audience
  • not about strategic marketing campaigns
  • Paid ads:
    • rare resources (donors' money, CentralNotice / email attention...)
    • Better use of money (you decide on your own context)
    • It is a tool (add it to your tool box) one of the most important ideas
  • Mindsets:
  1. use growth mindset ("Mindset" Carol Dweck) /as opposed to fixed mindset: i am who i am, i can't change it
  2. Everything is a test!
  3. You are a helper, friend - visualisation exercise: "everybody" is not a target group,
  4. know your outcome
  • Facebook paid ad, setting up the account
  • Business manager recommended for using
  • Campaign
    • Inside the campaign
    • 100 eur, reached 22364, impressions 33,197, 289 page likes
    • Good option for engaging the public
    • 20 cents per like
  • Examples of testing the target groups
    • testing audience
    • specific age 18-24 / 25-45
    • 30 eur per week would be enough
  • Avatar:
    • mental model of an imaginary human (human of interest)
    • only common features
    • Wikipedian, commoner, bot operator, organizer...
    • feel into your avatar
  • Question: what if the contributors of wiki projects differ from the random general avatar.
    • Answer: Avatar is the ideal customer - ideal target audience, it can (if you want to invite specificaly suc people to your community) be 65 y o woman, from rural place in Belarus, how to reach her. If you know such people, talk with them face to face. If you want such people but they are not there yet, imagine them the best you can - and then, change as you have more data