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Listing public artworks and memorials into Wikipedia in Finland
Heikki Kastemaa
Chapter Wikimedia Suomi (Finland)
Community Engagement
Progress of ”Sculpture Project” Finland

In Armenia CEE meeting in 2016 in Dilijan I introduced the idea of listing all public artworks and memorials in Finland into Finnish Wikipedia. By May 27 2019 we had listed 7 548 targets and photographed 4 961. This is roughly estimated 75 % of total targets listed and 60 % of photographed. Many offspring lists were developed. Initial idea is to have 95 % of the works listed and photographed by the end of 2020.

My lecture is about how all this has happened, why the project has been successful and what obstacles we have had. What are public artworks and memorials and how are they listed into Wikipedia? What are the prospects of the lists, especially when brought into Wikidata. What similar attempts there are in Wikipedias. Is it possible to chain these internationally?

By mediating our experience provide ideas of how to construct similar lists.
Projector, screen.
Julkisten taideteosten kuvaaminen, lataaminen ja kirjaaminen Wikipediaan (in Finnish)

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  • He gave the same presentation in 2016 in Armenia and he will mostly talk about how these project is going on.
  • The purpose is to list all the publics' artworks and memorials into Wikipedia.
  • Public artworks are in public places, accessible to everybody all the time. Starting point at this project that these public artworks contain a lot of information but rarely someone knows about it - What is the meaning, who name them, why and where are they named and who is the author. Some cities provide the list of these artworks, but it is not very inclusive.
  • We find the source for the object, we list in the following order (name of the artwork, place, area, coordinates, the author, year of the unveiling, picture, and the wiki data).
  • All our lists are made of the same deficiencies. We do not take the permanent artwork on the list. It has to be an accessible public place. It can be difficult because of the concept of what is a public place.
  • We also include memory plaques. Sometimes in big cities, there are several separate lists for them, it depends on location.
  • Main expectations: Stations of an individual's person's grace or if something is very commercial. Also, we don't include any political status.
  • Who owns the artworks: Usually governments, institutions, associations...
  • Before 2009. public artworks were started to be listed in Wikipedia.
  • By now we have.7823 objects listed and 5408 photos published. I would say that this is about 70% of the total number.
  • Who are the contributors? Individual actives ( about 2030 in these projects), we organize photo safaris, statistics where we evaluate each list.
  • Problematic is:
    • Remote municipalities. For example, Lepland is difficult to cover.
    • People are not engaging enough yet.
    • It is not that easy to connect to wikidata - The main problem
    • When and How is the best way to end this project?
  • We want this project to be goal-oriented.
  • Motivation grows with the coverages of the territory.
  • PhotoSaffaris proved to be good. We photographed many things, it encourages people.
  • This project will be on Wikidata.
  • There are other countries, the problem is that different countries have different parameters.
  • Q1: Are those pictures on Commons or on a local wiki? How do they connect with Wikidata?
    • Heikki: When we put those pictures on the wiki, we marked them not to use them. It is connected to manually. We publish only one picture of one object, and if somebody wants to publish more pictures then it must be done in a new article.