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Organization of the Wiki Loves Monuments competition by a small wiki community

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  • lecture or lightning talk
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Jernej Polajnar




Wikipedians of Slovenia User Group

  • Community Engagement, Media Outreach
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An attempt of a rather small and sleepy community to organize the country's participation in Wiki Loves Monuments will be presented. We drew from the realization that WLM is a scalable concept on many levels, but still some prerequisites are inevitable, such as a handful of motivated organizers and an authoritative list of eligible monuments. Hopefully, experience in promotion of such an event and navigating the complex legal status of monument images in Slovenia can be used to inform and encourage other small CEE communities.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

I believe the last sentence of the abstract answers this question.

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  • Most orgs have already done this but this could get lost. This presentation might be useful to someone.
  • The Slovenian ministry has a new system that they put up.
  • We imported this into Wikidata.
  • There is a processed list that was integrated into Wikidata. But there is no Freedom of Panorama in Slovenia so had to exclude the problematic monuments. The other problem is that the registry contains about 30 000 cultural objects that do not have monuments so are not eligible for the itnernatinal competition. Luckily there are construction dates adn for modifications. So they filtered out what was done in the 20th century so made a list of all the eligible monuments on si wikipedia. People might use this registry to find monuments but then check with the list.
  • You also need a jury: personal acquaintances worked quite well. One wikimedian is taking care of Featured pics on WIkipedia, there are two photographers he knows personally.
  • A great tool: Montage. If there is a lot of pictures you can just add more jurors.
  • This event also needs promotions. Sent statements to media, most ignored except for a metinalist portal who is run by a local journalist.
  • For awards, the ministry of culture gave us some books to give to Winners and WMHU gave some merchandise and for certificates.
  • Awards ceremony will be done with a related iniciative.Intellectual property workshhop.
  • As far as results: 500 photos nearly, he is happy. Over half of people registered for the first time which is quite nice. THat is quite it. WLM may seem overwhelimng but it is qutie doable if you have the passion. There are helpful people, dont be afraid to reach out.
  • Q: did you have an agreement wth Ministry to publish under CC2-0
    • A: yes, because it was EU funded they had to offer the data publically, it is government data, not under a license.
  • ALso the portal quite supported us well.