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Quo vadis, Wikisource? - project transformation and outlook

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  • lecture, an informal follow-up hands-on workshop is possible
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Regular member of Wikimedia PL chapter

  • Wiki Ecosystem, Editor Retention, Best Practises
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Polish Wikisource is a successful project (one of the largest Wikisources) with a relatively low, but highly motivated group of contributors. Many of them started their adventure due to Wikipedia community issues. I am going to present the history of Polish Wikisource and how several bold decisions made it successful. For several years, the main influx of editors comes from outside Wiki.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

Wikisource as way of digitalising printed heritage, enhancing Wikipedia articles and insight into pl.wikisource success factors that can make their lesser Wiki projects work.

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beamer, pointer

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Please take into account that although I am sending more submissions, I will be able to present at most two of them based on programme committee's preferences.


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  • Repository of source texts, free library, initial name: Sourceberg
  • High fidelity, reliability, acceptable own works (*)
  • Who can we count on? 62 active users per month (probably equal ratio m/f); 13 admins; approx. 740 000 pages up there
  • Wikiproject Proofread
  • Wikisource and the competitors
    • the demand grows thanks to mobile book readers
    • free competitions - like
    • the demand is being monitored
    • Some editors arrive for a rest from Wikipedia when they need it
  • The advent of PL Wikisource
  1. a random stuff: Library of random texts; low-quality content. Preserve documents needed for Wiki articles.
  2. Game changer: Proofread (we stood out from the "crowd")
  3. First Wikiprojects appeared, to commemorate a Polish writer, to transcribe his complete works and important anniversaries (100 years of the death of the author of "Quo vadis")
  4. Game changer: WSExport (transforming into PDF, plain text, mobi format and e-book) no rewriting for Wiki. So far 2727 book available, 1823 validated
  • The community managed it :
  1. adapted project- like approach
  2. clear and simple rules, no lengthy discussion, focus on delivering the work and finishing book
  3. low tolerance towards "rogue" editors
  • Easy start:
  1. low entry threshold
  2. fine-grained tasks
  3. only a few rules with high complexity
  4. layout-oriented marked
  5. welcoming new users
  6. clear first steps tutorial
  7. tips&tricks for more difficult tasks (tables, signs, ornaments)
  8. influx from outside Wiki too!
  • Contribute the way you can!
  1. clean or perfect
  2. beautiful books
  3. many techies involved
  4. state-of-the-art printed book
  • Project status - challenges:
  1. growing number of unfinished projects
  2. and why we decided to accept it?
  • Other challenges:
  1. very large old books
  2. low recognition
  • Mature and stable project:
  1. meetups contribute to ownership