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Recruitment, retention & managing volunteers

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  • lecture
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Jan Lochman





  • Education, Community Engagement, Diversity
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Recruitment and retention are getting more and more important topic. We are 10 years after peak interest in Wikimedia projects and we need new generations of contributors. We also have old contributors, who we don't want to lose. In this lecture, I will present motivation personality types theory of Jiri Plaminek and show practical ways of motivating volunteers to participate in Wikimedia projects and activities, which worked to me, when dealing with fellow contributors or leading wiki projects.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

Board members, project managers, and organizations will get an inside to the human mind and can create effective ways to recruit contributors and motivate volunteers.

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  1. Motivational attunement
    1. mood, your perception, minutes to days
  2. Motivational position
    1. life strategy, environment influence, weeks to years
  3. Motivational foundation
    1. nature, economic pressures etc can push people
  • Mood (motivational attunement)
  1. mood determination - nonverbal motivation (Face to face, audio), know the person (smileys, abbreviations)
  2. use of mood for motivation:
  • Motivational types of people (show feeling, usefulness, dynamic, static)
    • influencer
    • helper
    • discoverer
    • hard worker
  • How to determine the motivational type?
  1. unknown person (from their role (job), the reaction on praise and critics
  2. Wikimedian (from their role...)
  • with criticism you will not make friends
  • you can see what people are from the online behavior
  • Diversity:
  1. natural society (has all 4 groups with certain dynamics)
  2. wiki society (is going well with the lower strength of influencers, and a good amount of hard workers
  3. discoverers make equilibrium in the society, limit the strength of influencers
  4. helpers set up a good mood for the society and help newbies
  • Will we recognize their work on Wikimedia projects?