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Why do Wikimedians need digital security - a quick highlight on an important issue

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  • lightning talk
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Christel Steigenberger


CSteigenberger (WMF)


Wikimedia Foundation

  • Safety
  • Technology
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Awareness raising about the need of digital security

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

Participants will learn about a safety issue that is especially important for many countries in this region

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  • There are a lot of challenges where WIkimedians are facing. THey are getting into dangers when editing.
  • Some take calculated risks.
  • There might even be legal problems. People might also get in trouble for revealing info about self on wiki. Even as "I am woman". some women get targeted for being women.
  • People add negative content about companies, NGOs, govt institutions,
  • People think, they are adding stuff that is already everywhere but people could still take offense and go after the editors. Now it is visible who added this content. Sometimes it is random. Promotional articles, put up for deletion but the person has a slight problem and will go after deletion supporters. Somes vandals go after the clean-upper. There are sometimes group escalations. Sometimes topical edit conflicts etc. These threats can impact people in real life. People even showed up on someones door steps. Or to employers. What can we do to protect ourselves better? THe Trust Safety Team are working on this. You could also edit anonymously you are a lot safer, protect your account and your devices, esp. if you are admin or check user or similar. Someone will write an email through WIkipedia to reveal their identifty. Christel S now also has to connect name La Kritzolina and her own name. There are experts to ask about this. You can go to Christel There is a resource page on Meta: Voices Under Threat. If you feel threatened AccessNow helpline can help you with ideas about how to protect. We are planning office hours on internet security. If interested: do sign up and Christel will notify you. You can sign up for invitations.