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Wiki Loves ZEOs - story of the first photo competition

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User:KuboF Hromoslav


Esperanto and Free Knowledge

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In 2018 in WUG Esperanto and Free Knowledge we have organised our very first photo competition - Wiki Loves Zamenhof/Esperanto Objects. Originally rejected by WLM, we have rebranded it as our own competition. It had presented challenges but also interesting opportunities, including partnership with the highest representative of the Esperanto movement. I will present a perspective of a co-designer, participant and winner in the one person and share some ideas about how to deal with failure and success.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

The session will provide encouragement to try something new and innovate, when the situation is not on your side, including some pitfalls and opportunities.

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  • People/Esperantists like to take a photo of their monuments.
  • Esperanto exist since 1887 and it represents the ideals of the unit and peaceful understanding.
  • Our group was founded in 2012 and until 2017 more less nothing happened. In 2018. was the first competition, and it was international. The main initiator was Juan Sebastian Quintero Santacruz.
  • It was a group activity but Juan had the main role. Opportunities for this project are good personal contacts with chair o committee o Zeos - Rober Kaminski.
  • Challenges were source data, they asked for source data and they got the list with objects, where only one of them existed. The creation of lists is a challenge too.
  • The organizational structure was a challenge because it is an international competition, and some institutions were not ready to cooperate.
  • Results: they took 208 photos from 20 countries, 9 of them are nonlisted objects. Winners in 2018 took photos from Latvia, Hungary.
  • The future is Wikidata, organizing people in work divisions, strategic integration to groups work and partnership with UEA.
  • The first technical learning needed was Montagne tool, Commons campaign, transactions in Commons and CentralNotice.
  • Central notice is essential or this competition. Soft learnings were proactivity - to find your solution, leadership, resistance and maybe fear of success? Fear of failure is a common thing, but so as a fear of success. Esperanto Wikipedia was founded in 2001. and the Esperanto Wikipedia organization was founded a few years later.
  • Q: How good coverage this project has reached?
    • A: Very low for now. There was a specific category for non-listed objects. There is already a need for continuing the project.