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Title of the submission

Wikipedia and scaffolding - perfect duo in education field.

Type of submission (lecture, panel, workshop, lightning talk, roundtable, poster)


Author(s) of the submission

Klara Sielicka-Baryłka




Wikimedia Poland - member of a association, GLAM-wiki and education activist



Abstract (up to 100 words)

There is a tension between tech-concentrated and often distracted young people and teaching methods taken out of last century. It`s seen in our part of Europe especially, where STEM/STEAM ideas and other uncoventional teaching methods are hard to set up in these Prussian-style classrooms. Scaffolding as a method where social and eduactional interaction between teacher and student is someting creative and full of freedom, can be easily connected with Wikipedia (Wikisource, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons) editing & improving. It would bring self-reliance of a student, more flexibile attitude of a teacher and the great satisfaction of both sides in this process.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

I would like to point the benefits of scaffolding concept in education (especially in STEAM) combined with Wikipedia`s tools and social context - as a perfect combination for succesful teaching and learning in modern world.

Special requirements

Projector, screen and laptop would be nice!

Slides or further information

Short description of scaffolding:

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