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Collaboration and cross-regional exchange with Wikimedia Accelerator UNLOCK

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  • Lecture
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Kannika Thaimai, Ivana Madžarević


Kannika Thaimai (WMDE), IvanaMadzarevic


Wikimedia Deutschland e.V., Wikimedia Serbia

  • Technology, Diversity, Partnerships
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  • Medium
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In this session we want to present the strong partnerships that have been established for the Wikimedia Accelerator UNLOCK in 2022. Wikimedia Deutschland has teamed up with Wikimedia Serbia and Impact Hub Belgrade to jointly design and host the program: UNLOCK Germany x Western Balkans! Building on their individual strengths, each partner pulls their resources in achieving more equitable access to knowledge, information and data. Session participants will learn about the seven innovative and diverse projects that will be supported throughout the program, how the partnership across chapters benefits our movement, and reflect on how the CEE network can be involved in the next editions of UNLOCK or start similar initiatives in other chapters.

More information on projects can be found here:

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

In this presentation, participants will be able to find out the benefits of two chapters joining forces and including outside partners with the goal of increasing the innovation in free knowledge and addressing knowledge equity.

Special requirements

We would like to present this online, if that’s possible, since speakers don’t have travel resources for this event.

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