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Add your country to the Wikidata Govdirectory

Type of submission (lightning talk, discussion, panel, workshop)
  • workshop
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Albin Larsson and Jan Ainali


Abbe98 and Ainali



  • Wikidata project
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  • medium
Abstract (up to 100 words)

This session will be a hands-on workshop for adding a country to WikiProject Govdirectory. We will cover what kind of general information and sources that would be beneficial to document. We will also help writing queries in order to be able to review if the data in Wikidata is complete and correct.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

This will be a flying start to get any country in the Central and Eastern Europe ready to be listed in the Govdirectory. This is also great preparatory work for other projects like WikiProject Every Politician or WikiProject Open Government Data since the basic structures of all public agencies will be reviewed.

Do you plan to pre-record a video with a presentation?


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