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Generating local content

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  • Discussion
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  • Toni Ristovski
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  • Medium
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Local content is important for smaller wikis, as we are in many cases biggest encyclopedia in our countries/languages. Therefore, beside translation of important topics from other Wikipedias, it is crucial for our Wikipedias and for local public to generate local content in the same time. On this way, many interesting topics or cultural/natural heritage of the region is accessible on mother tongue of the public.

We will show example of Macedonian Wikipedia, where we use our materials collected through conducting various types of expeditions, along with editing challenges using local materials in order to create local content on Macedonian language.

Using Wikidata, our data about that local content is visible on another languages.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

Starting something new in their communities and enrich their local Wikipedia with local valuable content.

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