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Measuring Central and Eastern Europe Wikipedias Growth and Renewal

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Measuring Central and Eastern Europe Wikipedias Growth and Renewal. Slides and Notes
  • Marc Miquel
  • Cristian Consonni
  • David Laniado
  • Amical Wikimedia
  • Wikimedia Italia

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In this presentation, we introduce the project Community Health Metrics (CHM) aimed at measuring and understanding different aspects of community health, and we propose the creation of 7 indicators that we call Vital Signs. They are related to the community capacity and function to grow or renew itself. Three of them are focused on the entire group of “active editors” creating content: retention, stability, and balance; the other four are related to more specific community functions: flags, technical development, project documentation and coordination, and global community spaces. We believe that obtaining the current “active community capacities” in these areas can constitute a valuable reference point to plan to guarantee “openness” in these areas, and at the same time, to foresee and prevent future risks (e.g., bus factor).

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

These metrics are created by mining the available data dumps of Wikimedia projects’ editing histories. We will provide detailed results for the CEE Wikipedia language editions. We will try to answer questions such as: are the CEE communities able to retain more editors over time? Are they balanced in terms of including new members over time and maintaining the old ones? Are they granting user rights (e.g., roles such as sysops) to new members? By answering this questions, we will reflect on the Wikimedia communities in CEE in order to try to aim at planning the necessary changes to aim at a future growth.

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