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CEE Youth is a sub-contest within the time frame of CEE Spring (21 March – 31 May 2024) aimed at creation of articles on youth topics and about notable young people from the region of Central and Eastern Europe – both in CEE and non-CEE languages.

Please add your name in the list of participants, and add your contributions in the tables below.

If you like, make a commitment for the minimum number of articles you would write during the "CEE Youth" and impress us with your achievement!

Recommendations for translation[edit]

Please consider to suggest biographical pages of CEE Youth to this shared list of recommendations, idealy ones that should have at least regional and contemporary, not just local/national or historic prominence. Also consider somewhat practical criteria that there is EN page (exceptions can be made especially if other big language translation exists) and image (exceptions can be made especially if other media or extra quality exists).

Articles (Статьи / статті)[edit]

(страны / країни)
(ф / ф)
(и / і)
(статья / стаття)
(кБ / кБ)
(фото / фото)
(доп. / дод.)
Wikidata item
(элемент В-данных / елемент В-даних)
1 Turkiye Turkey Ediz Gurel
Qualified to become Grandmaster (GM) in the Challengers tournament at the 2024 Prague International Chess Festival Q108328207
2 Greece Greece Sotiria Vasilakopoulou Greek student, trade unionist (1959-1980) Q16523988
3 Greece Greece Kostas Georgakis Greek student in Italy who set himself ablaze in Genoa, Italy in 1970 denouncing the Greek military dictatorship Q3562562
4 Greece Greece Diomidis Komninos Greek student, the first victim of the Polytechnic School uprising in Greece Q5279250
5 Greece Greece Anastasia Avramidou
Greek chess player, FIDE Woman International Master (2016) Q47543970
6 Greece Greece Nikolas Theodorou
Greek chess player, Grandmaster (2021) Q27533120
7 Turkiye Turkey Mizgin Ay
Track and field athlete who competes in the 100 m, 200 m and 400 m events for Turkiye Q33026978
8 Turkiye Turkey Sümeyye Boyacı
Paralympic swimmer Q47035179
9 Turkiye Turkey Can Öncü
Motorcycle racer Q55282046
10 Turkiye Turkey Ayşe Begüm Onbaşı
Aerobic gymnast Q25714766
11 Turkiye Turkey Mete Gazoz
Recurve archer. The first Turkish archer to achieve the esteemed recurve gold medal in a World Championship. Q20988356
12 Turkiye Turkey Cem Bölükbaşı
Racing driver and former sim racer Q97230435
13 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Reyhan Jamalova
Azerbaijani woman in STEM whose work is geared toward sustainable energy in rural areas. Q55200105
14 Croatia Croatia Franjo Krežma
Croatian violinist and composer who had a spectacular European career and was highly respected and admired by famous musicians Q1254741
15 Croatia Croatia Zrinka Ljutić
Croatian World Cup alpine ski racer and specializes in the technical events of slalom and giant slalom. Q105152791
16 Croatia Croatia Marco Pašalić Croatian professional footballer who plays as a right winger Q107641804
17 Croatia Croatia Mia Negovetić Croatian singer-songwriter and voice actress Q25425996
18 Croatia Croatia Tin Lučin Croatian handball player who plays for Wisła Płock and the Croatian national team Q40003506
19 Croatia Croatia Lena Stojković Croatian taekwondo practitioner, world and European champion Q106453703
20 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Lana Pudar
Bosnian and Herzegovian competitive swimmer specializing in the butterfly events Q107227261
20 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Elvedina Muzaferija Bosnian and Herzegovian female alpine skier Q47890303
21 Austria Austria Anna Gandler
Austrian biathlete Q105962250
22 Czechia Czech Republic Tereza Voborníková
Czech biathlete Q103877271
23 Greece Greece Lefteris Mantzoukas Greek basketball player Q69697839
24 Armenia Armenia Hovhannes Nazaryan Armenian professional footballer Q111647933
25 Armenia Armenia Anna M. Sargsyan
Armenian chess player Q68948716
26 Slovenia Slovenia Nika Prevc
Slovenian ski jumper, this year's World Cup winner Q68948716
27 Moldova Moldova Cleopatra Stratan
Moldovan singer, youngest person to release an album, youngest artist to receive an MTV award Q234035
28 Moldova Moldova Anastasia Nichita
Moldovan freestyle wrestler with multiple gold medals at the World Championships and European Championships Q63110858
29 Moldova Moldova Irina Rîngaci
Moldovan freestyle wrestler with multiple gold medals at the World Championships and European Championships Q106603858
30 Moldova Moldova Victor Sterpu Moldovan Olympic weightlifter Q102156813
31 Moldova Moldova Ivan Schitco
Moldovan chess player, Grandmaster (2022) Q65461017
32 Romania David Popovici
Romanian swimmer, current European record holder in the long course 100-metre freestyle Q106923098
33 Romania Andreea Ana
Romanian freestyle wrestler with multiple gold medals at the European Championships Q63100496
34 Romania Filip Ugran
Romanian race car driver Q105722911
35 Romania Sabrina Voinea
Romanian artistic gymnast Q115249030
36 Romania Silviana Sfiringu
Romanian artistic gymnast Q75686744


No. Started on (MM-DD) Username Language code Make a committment! Progress
1 03-29 Mirishkorlik (Uzbek) 20
2 07-04 Slava Sahakyan70 (Armenian) 25
3 09-04 IvshinPavel (Russian) 10
4 09-04 The Yennefer (Croatian) 10


Created on (MM-DD) Username #Article per User Language code Article in local Wikipedia Wikidata item Total # of articles
04-07 Slava Sahakyan70 1 hy hy: Սաբրինա Վոյնյա d:Q28702138 1
04-08 Slava Sahakyan70 2 hy hy:Էդիզ Գյուրել d:Q108328207 2
04-08 Slava Sahakyan70 3 hy hy:Սոտիրիա Վասիլակոպուլու d:Q16523988 3
04-08 Slava Sahakyan70 4 hy hy:Դիոմիդիս Կոմնինոս d:Q5279250 4
04-08 Slava Sahakyan70 5 hy hy:Անաստասիա Ավրամիդու d:Q47543970 5
04-09 IvshinPavel 1 ru ru:Эйдука, Патриция d:Q28870445 6
04-09 The Yennefer 1 hr hr:Ediz Gurel d:Q108328207 7
04-09 Slava Sahakyan70 6 hy hy: Նիկոլաս Թեոդորու d:Q27533120 8
04-09 Slava Sahakyan70 7 hy hy:Միզգին Այ d:Q33026978 9
04-09 Slava Sahakyan70 8 hy hy:Սյումեյե Բոյաջի d:Q47035179 10
04-10 Slava Sahakyan70 9 hy hy:Մեթե Գազոզ d:Q20988356 11
04-10 Slava Sahakyan70 10 hy hy:Այշե Բեգյում Օնբաշի d:Q25714766 12
04-10 Slava Sahakyan70 11 hy hy:Զրինկա Լյուտիչ d:Q105152791 13
04-10 Slava Sahakyan70 12 hy hy:Մարկո Պաշալիչ d:Q107641804 14
04-10 Slava Sahakyan70 13 hy hy:Տին Լուչին d:Q40003506 15
04-11 Slava Sahakyan70 14 hy hy:Լենա Ստոյկովիչ d:Q106453703 16
04-11 Slava Sahakyan70 15 hy hy:Լանա Պուդար d:Q107227261 17
04-11 Slava Sahakyan70 16 hy hy:Թերեզա Վոբոռնիկովա d:Q103877271 18
04-11 Slava Sahakyan70 17 hy hy:Աննա Գանդլեր d:Q105962250 19
04-11 Slava Sahakyan70 18 hy hy:Նիկա Պրևց d:Q68948716 20
04-12 Slava Sahakyan70 19 hy hy:Պատրիցիա Էյդուկա d:Q28870445 21
04-12 Slava Sahakyan70 20 hy hy:Կլեոպատրա Ստրատան d:Q234035 22
04-12 Slava Sahakyan70 21 hy hy:Անաստասիա Նիկիտա d:Q63110858 23
04-13 Slava Sahakyan70 22 hy hy:Վիկտոր Ստերպու d:Q102156813 24
04-13 Slava Sahakyan70 23 hy hy:Իվան Սկիցկո d:Q65461017 25
04-14 Slava Sahakyan70 24 hy hy:Անդրեա Անա d:Q63100496 26
04-14 Slava Sahakyan70 25 hy hy:Միա Նեգովետիչ d:Q25425996 27
04-15 Slava Sahakyan70 26 hy hy:Միա Դիմշիչ d:Q29208165 28
04-15 Slava Sahakyan70 27 hy hy:Ֆիլոմենա Բայր d:Q15715415 29


International prizes[edit]

The ten most prolific participants will be awarded vouchers from Amazon in the following amounts:

  • 1st prize: a voucher worth €50
  • 2nd prize: a voucher worth €40
  • 3rd prize: a voucher worth €30
  • 4th prize: a voucher worth €20
  • 5th-10th prize: a voucher worth €10

See the rules on international level for more details.


As in the previous years, editors can exchange postcards from their place of residence! If you want to send postcards from your place, please add your name and location below.

Add yourself (Добавьте себя)[edit]