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CEE for Human Rights is a sub-contest within the time frame of CEE Spring (21 March – 31 May 2024) aimed at creation of articles about notable topics related to human rights in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. It is also part of the #WikiForHumanRights campaign whose main topic in focus this year is "Knowledge for a Sustainable Future".

If you like, make a commitment for the minimum number of articles you would write during the "CEE for Human Rights" and impress us with your achievement!

Recommendations for translation and writing[edit]

Please consider to suggest articles to this shared list of recommendations, ideally ones that should have at least regional and contemporary, not just local/national or historic prominence. Also consider somewhat practical criteria that there is EN page (exceptions can be made especially if other big language translation exists) and image (exceptions can be made especially if other media or extra quality exists).

Articles (Статьи / статті)[edit]

(страны / країни)
(ф / ф)
(и / і)
(статья / стаття)
(кБ / кБ)
(фото / фото)
(доп. / дод.)
Wikidata item
(элемент В-данных / елемент В-даних)
1 Albania Flag of Albania Human rights in Albania no report d:Q5938112
2 Armenia Flag of Armenia Human rights in Armenia no report d:Q8026096
3 Austria Flag of Austria Human rights in Austria no report d:Q5938153
4 Azerbaijan Flag of Azerbaijan Human rights in Azerbaijan no report d:Q5938150
5 Belarus Flag of Belarus Human rights in Belarus no report d:Q4354722
6 Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina no report d:Q86752342
7 Bulgaria Flag of Bulgaria Human rights in Bulgaria no report d:Q7484007
8 Croatia Flag of Croatia Human rights in Croatia no report d:Q5938215
9 Cyprus Flag of Cyprus Human rights in Cyprus no report d:Q5938223
10 Czech Republic Flag of Czech Republic Human rights in the Czech Republic no report
11 Estonia Flag of Estonia Human rights in Estonia no report d:Q4375756
12 Georgia Flag of Georgia Human rights in Georgia no report d:Q4375747
13 Germany Flag of Germany Human rights in Germany no report d:Q8025959
14 Greece Flag of Greece Human rights in Greece no report d:Q5938259
15 Hungary Flag of Hungary Human rights in Hungary no report
16 Kazakhstan Flag of Kazakhstan Human rights in Kazakhstan no report d:Q4353954
17 Kosovo Flag of Kosovo Human rights in Kosovo no report d:Q109649354
18 Latvia Flag of Latvia Human rights in Latvia no report d:Q2028121
19 Lithuania Flag of Lithuania Human rights in Lithuania no report d:Q104843118
20 Macedonia Flag of Macedonia Human rights in Macedonia no report d:Q5938532
21 Malta Flag of Malta Human rights in Malta no report d:Q65070873
22 Moldova Flag of Moldova Human rights in Moldova no report d:Q5938369
23 Montenegro Flag of Montenegro Human rights in Montenegro no report
24 Poland Flag of Poland Human rights in Poland no report d:Q5102697
25 Romania Flag of Romania Human rights in Romania no report d:Q5938414
26 Russia Flag of Russia Human rights in Russia no report d:Q953879
27 Serbia Flag of Serbia Human rights in Serbia no report d:Q5938112
28 Slovakia Flag of Slovakia Human rights in Slovakia no report d:Q5157784
29 Slovenia Flag of Slovenia Human rights in Slovenia no report
30 Turkey Flag of Turkey Human rights in Turkey no report d:Q2495699
31 Ukraine Flag of Ukraine Human rights in Ukraine no report d:Q4375762
32 Czechoslovakia Flag of Czechoslovakia Human rights in Czechoslovakia no report
33 Soviet Union Flag of Soviet Union Human rights in the Soviet Union no report d:Q4375752
34 Yugoslavia Flag of Yugoslavia Human rights in Yugoslavia no report


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International prizes[edit]

The ten most prolific participants will be awarded vouchers from Amazon in the following amounts:

  • 1st prize: a voucher worth €50
  • 2nd prize: a voucher worth €40
  • 3rd prize: a voucher worth €30
  • 4th prize: a voucher worth €20
  • 5th-10th prize: a voucher worth €10

See the rules on international level for more details.


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