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Program Why? Action Why? (on action) Volunteer or body (Who) CSO (Staff) (Who) CAO (Staff) (Who) G CM (Staff) (Who) It CM (Staff) (Who) PM (Staff) (Who) CIO (Staff) (Who) AA (Who) Target Date Expected Outputs Expected Outcomes Impact
Community Support increase participation,increase quality Event Scholarships Allow wikimedians to exchange with other wikimedians or people releveant about their prefered topic Micro-grant committee 2.50% 2.50% 2.50% over the year 4 events sponsored, 20 scholarships support wikimedians who never attend a Wikimedia event in the past increasing the active community in Switzerland by
Micro-grant empower wikimedians Micro-grant committee 2.50% 2.50% over the year 10 request in the year WMCH members and Wikimedians feeling that they are important and that the association support them 5 differents requester from the three linguitic area
Participation Support (Community Members participating at non-Wikimedia Events) Collaboration with WMDE and the WMF to support wikimedians in attending non wikimedia events relevant for Wikimedia mission Micro-grant committee 5% 5 request per swiss member, 1 new chapter in the program spreading the word of Wikimedia in other movement, valorizing professional carrer of Wikimedians, distinction between volunteer and professional activity is better and more efficient. improved trust between Wikimedians 5 request per swiss member, 1 new chapter in the program
Meetings (Wikipedia working groups often meet for collaborative working, Editathons, cooking for Food & Drinks portal etc.) Assure the cohesion and the efficiency of the working groups Entertain and motivate our core Wikipedians as well as improve the quality of articles. Bringing Wikipedians together also offline in order to have a more active community. Micro-grant committee 10% 5% 15 working group meetings, meetings every two weeks in Lugano, Summer Party in Zurich, Rencontre suisse romande, 3 Edit Together More qualitative and various articles on Wikipedia. Fosters the exchange between Wikipedians/Wikimedians/WMCH. Motivated Wikipedians. Strengthening of the spirit and the solidarity of the community. quaterly meeting for two working group, 5 new peoples coming at least once a week in Meeting in Lugano,two new active working groups, x participants to the summer party, 10 participants to Edit Together
Trainings for trainers valorizing volunteers skills, certification trainings, professionalization of the training offer for Education and GLAM. Iolanda Pensa 5% 5% 2.5% creation of a test for certification valorization certification of 10 trainers
Press / Multimedia Support (helping community members to get to events etc. to take pictures / videos - includes Staff time for getting press accreditation and money for travel support or renting equipment). Supporting wikimedians by saving time and providing them an "institutional support" that can facilitate the contacts. Iolanda Pensa 5% yes yes 24 accreditations requested empower the wikimedians, valorize the wikimedians skills 18 accreditations obtained, 3 wikimedians accredited for the first time
Public domain project supporting an initiative of wikimedians about public domain Public Domain foundation 2.5% digitize 250 (without civilian) to 5'000 (with civilian) of the available 78 rpm recordings, 2'500 new uploads to Wikimedia added value of high-grade music files on Wikimedia Commons which can be used to enrich numerous articles on Wikipedia
Direct support to Wikimedians help wikimedians in day to day wikimedia life yes yes 5% 5% 5% CM and CSO contact all members of the Swiss Project on Wikipedia more request from wikimedian 30% of members of the Swiss Project contact us directly
Event to specifically attract female editors (format and details will be fixed after having attended the Diversity Conference in Germany in November), maybe in cooperation with an institution We need to motivate swiss women to make sure to reduce the gender gap in wikipedia editors working group Gender Gap 5% 5% 3 events In the longterm (with recurrent events that target female editors) raising the percentage of the female Wikipedian community in Switzerland 5 new actives female Wikimedia members
wikipedia Exhibition - set up phase The aim of the project is to contribute in organizing an exhibition related to Wikipedia. The project will not produce the exhibition but it will facilitate it and it will make sure the community is involved. Iolanda Pensa (SUPSI) yes application for a financial support for 2015. contact with potential exhibition organizer (Neuchatel Museum of Ethnography), improved awareness about Wikipedia improved WMCH visbility external funding received, exhibition held in 2015
communicate about the resuage of wikipedia and Commons content valorize Wikimedians work Iolanda Pensa (SUPSI) 5% 5% 5% 2.5% flyers to explain the reusage of content, 5 public meetings, edition of pictures books from swiss Commonist improved the right quoting of wikipedia articles and citation of wikimedians, improved awareness about the quality of wikimedians work 50% of the newspapers contacted that anwser positively for a meeting, two thematic book of commons pictures"
WikiExpedition Document monument, landscape or building that are difficult to access; increasing reach in local population Mauro Cassina 5% 12 wikiexpedition create an outreach in local areas and to be in contact with local cultural institutions
PhotoGroup Facilitate the work of wikimedia Photograph, improve efficiency of expense related to photography material working group photo 5.00% buying one used camera and lenses for German part; 3 Photo WG meetings; photo coverage of the Patrouille des Glaciers 2014 5 new WMCH member
Hackathon improved mediawiki Tech Group 2.5% 20% May 2014
Support To wikimedia Indonesia yes
Support to new born chapters and chapters to be board 5.00%
Chapters collaboration and support Board yes 5.00%
Offline Dissemination Distribute wikipedia to those who have no access Create a strong basis of readers to create the good condition to build an editing community Creation of online/printed guides targeting specific groups of potential users: guide for prisons, guide for computer experts, guide for NGOs, ... Motto: "Advert best practices" improving the efficiency of the communication around Wikipedia Offline 5% 3 printed guides in English, German, French and Italian Help organisation to integration offline solutions in their educational programs. More deployments, more users, more partnerships. 3 New partnerships with NGOs, internationalisation of the « Wikipedia in Jail » concept
Attending non-tech (educational, humanitarian, ...) events promote offline solution to a broader community 5% attending 4 non tech-events finding new partner for the distribution of Offline solution Avert Kiwix to more than 2000 people from humanitarians NGOs or Educational organisations.
Continuing our current effort within the tech & Wikimedia communities: Hackathons, Linuxtag, Wikimania, etc. improving the offline solution 5% attending/organizing 4 events Improve tech collatboration Many usability issues fixed; Release clean ZIM file from a third part free content project (TED videos for example); Recrut one more developer; Touch 300 hundreds tech people
Sending an "Offline Package" to other Wikimedia chapters in order to promote the project within the wikimedia movement improving the dissemination of the offline solution within the movement 2.5% 40 packages (pre-filled USB flashdrives, documentation, flyer/brochures, stickers, tee shirt) advertising our work for N chapters More awareness within our movement regarding offline. 50% of the chapters request more information and help to create their Offline activity; 5 new overseas partnerhsip
Creation of a professional offer including: hardware offer, deployment support, software development, content creation (ZIM files). improving the sustainibility of the Offline offer 10% Public product/service catalog for advertisement Internal product/service pricing strategy More paying customers/partners. More deployments. One paying partner/customer.
Partnership development will focus on three targets: "Wikipedia in jail", NGO's, Afripedia disseminate the offline solution, creating successfull case studies will help the other action of the program 20% "central prison administration contacted; pursuing effort with Gorgier prison More readers in prisons, start thinking transforming them in contributors. Growth of the Wikipedia in Jail pilot with at least 5 more prisons.
Increase of the number of content available offline (all Wikimedia projects + others). increasing the content offer will support the sustainibility of the Offline program 2.5% ZIM files of all our projects regularly updated. Release other ones for Increase content offer and readership. + Increase of 100% of the ZIM file downloads
GLAM Improving content quality; outreach by field of interest; innovation GLAM brochure in Switzerland spreading the word to GLAM partners in Switzerland; Pilot in Romandie and Ticino 5% 2.5% 2.5% 200 libraries contacted in Romandie More libraries willing to present Wikipedia as a research tool 25% of the contcated libraries answered us; 5 libraries request an initiation day
wikipedia in Exhibition improving usage is museum exhibition; improving articles related to exhibition; improving accesibility of Wikipedia on tablet and smartphone used as exhibition support Patrick Kenel yes 2.5% 2.5% QRpedia path in 2 exhibitions; 1 specific audio guide for blind or visually impaired visitors creation of long term partnership with the exhibition organizer; improving accessibility of Wikipedia mobile for blind or visually impaired all the articles linked in the exhibitio improved; improvment of wikipedia mobile proposed
wikipedia in Exhibition improving usage is museum exhibition; improving articles related to exhibition; improving accesibility of Wikipedia on tablet and smartphone used as exhibition support Patrick Kenel yes 2.5% 2.5% QRpedia path in 2 exhibitions; 1 specific audio guide for blind or visually impaired visitors creation of long term partnership with the exhibition organizer; improving accessibility of Wikipedia mobile for blind or visually impaired all the articles linked in the exhibitio improved; improvment of wikipedia mobile proposed
GLAMWikiToolset allowing GLAM to do it by themselves Emmanuel Engelhart
WikiLovesPublicArts improving quality of pictures and articles about public arts; testing a concept of service for GLAMs (hosting on commons, Metadata on Wikidata, Website for institutions) Micha L. Rieser unused 2013 budget for MicroGLAM 3000chf
Regional Italian GLAM conference improving reach in italian speaking GLAM and north of Italy Italian WG 5% One Conference and exhibition day in Ticino New partnerships with local GLAM 150 attendees; 20 new GLAMs coollaborating with Wikimedia CH
WikiPast R&D project with the EPFL to create a new wikimedia project focus on sources Emmanuel Engelhart 5.00%
Collaboration swiss national library increasing GLAM outreach; improving acces to reliable source for wikipedians 5.00%
Botanical contest improve articles on botany on Wikipedia in French; Improve coordination between french speaking area; Valorization of the herbariums Digitization project 5.00%
Rumantsch-Ladin wikiproject Patrick Kenel yes
Education Increase reach in Education field; increase quality in wikimedia project Communication material (Flyers, depliants, ...) translation and localization of exhisting materials; improvment of the pedagogy component yes yes yes
WikipediaTour increase reach in Universities and Big GLAM institute 15% 15% 2.5% 12 Universities contacted for a day of presentation of Wikimedia World; 10 University of applied science contacted increase reach in universities; increase awarenes 75% answer; half of the Universities and UAS accept at least one day of presence
Wikipedia in School improve reach in students population; improve article quality Gabriel Thullen 20% 15%
WikiVillage increase reach in schools; inrease quality and content about swiss municipalities Gilbert Conus 5%
WikiSenior increase reach in senior population Gabriel Thullen 5% 4 workshops with Seniors in Neuchatel; 4 workshops with Seniors in Versoix
Thematic Program: THE ALPS A thematic approach help to create synergies between different programs, and also has more chance to attract people (inside and outside) WikiLovesAlps increasing reach in Switzerland; increasing qualitiy in commons and wikipedia around the thematic of the Alps 10% 2.5% Two photo contest around the alps (WLM and WLE) improving quality in wikipedia rticless and commons; increasing participation 10 000 pictures; 30 new Wikimedians
LabisAlps quality improvement and enrichment of History of Alps content in Wikipedia, Wikisource and Commons. 2.5% Enhancement of the wikiproject with the creation of a community around the portal History of the Alps; Rollout of the Portal in other languages
The Alps on Wikipedia Iolanda Pensa 2.5%
Wikimedia CH Association's development staff training 5.00%
Swiss fundraising diversify source of incomes; assure financial sustainibility yes 5.00% 5.00%
Board training/Governance assuring sustainibility of the leadership 2.5%
FDC process assuring efficient application and reporting 10.00% 2.5% 2.5%
Program Evaluation & Design imporve efficiency and results of WMCH programs 5.00% 5.00%
Staff works (meetings, administrative work, etc) 5.00% 20.00% 5.00% 5.00% 5.00% 15.00%
Membership fees being part of swiss assoication with influence on copyright and free content Bruno Jehle; Emmanuel Engelhart
accounting 10.00% 25.00%
IT developpment and management improving our workflow, fundraising solution, members data 20.00%