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International Museums Day 2018



International Museum Day will take place under the motto "tag, share, like - hyperconnected museums", on May 13, 2018. Many Swiss museums will open their doors and discuss the topic with their visitors. On the occasion of this event, Wikimedia CH has examined the presence of participating Swiss museums on Wikipedia, and found out that there is a lot of catching up to do.

Landesmuseum Zurich

"Less than half of the Swiss museums participating to International Museums Day actually have a Wikipedia-Article."

In keeping with the Museum Day and this year's motto, we invite you to complete and improve the presence of Swiss museums on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. Thank you for participating!

Wiki Loves Monuments
As an incentive for visual documentation, photos taken on the international Museum Day can also be submitted to the Wiki Loves Monuments Contest in September!

Interactive Geographic Map

The following geographic map locates the Swiss Museums, based on Wikidata records. If you want to know which museums already have a Wikipedia article and which do not, as well as the respective quality of the article, you can find out by using the link to the interactive map below. Have fun exploring! If you want to visit a swiss museum, and you do not know which museums are participating on the International Museums Day, click here.

Interactive Geographic Map
How to read the interactive map:
  • Black symbols: no Wikipedia article
  • Red symbols: one Wikipedia article
  • Orange symbols: at least two Wikipedia articles
  • Green symbols: four Wikipedia articles

Analytical Context

The analysis and the following illustrations reflect that more than 50% of the museums participating to International Museum Day are not present on Wikipedia, despite the fact that Wikipedia is read in Switzerland 97.2 million times a month. With these facts in mind, and considering today's linked and digitally oriented world, having an encyclopedic article on Wikipedia is extremely relevant and important.
Source: WMF Statistics & Wikimedia CH / as of March 31, 2018

Participate & make a Difference

For Wikipedia contributors and anyone who wants to contribute to Wikipedia
Join in and help improve the presence of Swiss museums on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects! Every contribution counts: improving or completing an existing article, creating a completely new one, or uploading images to Wikimedia Commons.

You want to contribute to Wikipedia or to Wikimedia Commons, but you are not sure how? In this case we invite you to one of our editing workshops. Write us an email at office(_AT_)

For Museums and cultural organizations
If the cultural organization you work for is interested in working on its presence on Wikipedia or, as a professional, you would like to learn more about Wikimedia CH and our projects in collaboration with cultural institutions, please contact us. We offer contribution trainings or events, such as edit-a-thons, in collaboration with volunteer Wikipedia contributors in order to write articles about your institution or a specific historical topic in a format that is adapted to Wikipedia. Our contact person for cultural institutions, Mrs. Debora Lopomo, is looking forward to receiving an email from you: debora.lopomo(_AT_)

If you like to write about the Museum Day or Wikmedia CH and / or have questions, then, Mrs. Carina Laqbayli would be pleased to receive your email: carina.laqbayli(_AT_)