Wikimedia Canada/Membership

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The foundation and maintenance of Wikimedia Canada depends largely on its visibility. Some discussed ways to promote the local chapter of Canada.

Membership Drive[edit]

  • Collaboratively design posters which encourages members to join Wikimedia Canada
  • List locations the posters could be placed
  • List possible benefits for members, Canadians and the world of Wikimedia, Wikipedia, and possible future projects that is compatible with a charitable organization status in Canada
  • Design an article that could be placed in newspapers in a section such as "Readers' Viewpoints"
  • Getting Universities involves. McGill recently created a club. [1]

Way to approach people[edit]

  • Request a GeoNotice [2]
  • 1600 Wiki editors list themselves as Canadians here [3] A 150 have added themselves on meta [4]