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Wikimedia Chapters Association/Governance

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The scope of this, yet to be ratified by Council, working committee is to establish a resolution that covers:

  • Chapter peer review
    • Any report will be assessment rather than audit
  • A process for assessment on request
  • Best practice / Case studies
  • Governance related communications
  • Maturity Model / Checklists
    • A maturity / Quality model needs to be developed that is not growth oriented or dependent on size
  • WCA complaints process
    • Assessment or peer review will always be at the request of the chapter

Contributing members[edit]

  1. Florence Devouard (WMFR CM)
  2. Fae (WCA Chair, WMUK CM)
  3. Manuel Schneider (WMAT CM)
  4. Lorenzo Losa (WMIT CM)


  1. Fae to create an initial assessment checklist on meta (categorizations rather than hierarchy) - 22 August 2012 Done
    See /Checklist -- (talk) 11:30, 25 August 2012 (UTC)[reply]
  2. Manuel run a consultation to improve and reach a consensus - 31 August 2012
  3. Florence to collate case studies - 15 September 2012