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Wikimedia Chapters Association/Work Plan

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  • Infrastructure:
    • Secretary-General:
      • Finishing job specification draft. Due: April 12, 2012
      • Suggesting selection procedure. Due: April 12
      • Receiving community input. Due: Saturday April 21
      • Publishing job offer. Due: TBD (After choosing place of registration)
    • Choosing a place of registration:
      • Drafting criteria for choosing location. Due: April 12
      • Receiving community input. Due: Saturday april 19
      • Finding a firm that specializes in registering international corporations. Due: April 21
      • Publishing recommendations and receiving community input. Due: May 20
      • Publishing decision. Due: end of May
    • Drafting the standing orders of the association
  • Tasks:
    • Building a financial program for the secretariat
      • SG selection
      • Selection a place of registration.
    • Building a financial program for running the association.
    • Drafting a set of required skills for Council Members; following up with chapters to ratify the charter, selecting Council Members and deciding on funding.
    • Draft on transparency and accountability (maturity model?).
    • Draft for peer review process.
    • Drafting programs for knowledge sharing between chapters.
    • Draft on due process for decision making, project management, spending of chapters.