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Reporte anual

Talks, Workshops & Edit-a-Thons[edit]

Activity Date Place Volunteer/s Resume/Report
Community meeting January 29 Colombia
  • Tefita228
  • Racso
  • Baiji
  • Hipertirmenal
  • C3r098
  • The meeting was held in order to get to know a little more about the WMCO volunteer community and make visible the activities and lines of work that some of the volunteers in Colombia are leading.
Cyclists you should know: What is Wikipedia? April 13 Cali
  • Tefita228
  • Racso
The cyclists that you should know project was born in alliance with some Colombian collectives, the purpose is to reduce the gender gap in Wikipedia about female Colombian cyclists.

So a virtual workshop was carried out on What is it, how does it work and how to edit in Wikipedia? 13 girls participated in the workshop.

Cyclists You Should Know: Commons & Categories April 15 Cali
  • Tefita228
  • Sahaquiel9102
  • Remux
Second virtual workshop on What is Wikimedia Commons and what is it for? What are and how to use the categories in Wikipedia?

11 girls participated in the workshop

Cyclists You Should Know: Wikidata April 17 Cali
  • Tefita228
  • Baiji
Third virtual workshop on What is Wikidata? How does the community work on Wikipedia?

12 girls participated, as a result of the 3 workshops, 18 articles have been created on Colombian professional female cyclists and 20 files have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons

Panel: Let's talk about gender violence during the pandemic in Latin America April 18 Colombia
  • Tefita228
  • Constanza Veró (WMAR)n
  • Wotancito (WMMX)
  • Mikaelashamrock (WMEC)
  • Caleidoscopic (WMBO)
  • Señoritaleona (Wikimujeres)
Due to the increase in cases of gender violence in Latin America during the time of confinement, the panel was organized in which organizations and women experts on the subject from each participating country were invited, in the space they talked about:
  • Gender roles: What is expected of us in quarantine (Ecuador)
  • Violence against women in Bolivia, in the context of Covid-19 (Bolivia)
  • Support networks as an alternative to gender-based violence in confinement. (Colombia)
  • Manifestations of violence against women in times of isolation by Covid-19(Colombia)
  • Feminist strategies and online spaces or projects that help combat gender violence. (Uruguay)
  • Reduction of the gender gap in Wikipedia, Editatona. (México)
  • Moderator and Zoom control (Argentina)

We have the participation of 140 people

Meeting with the community June 26 Colombia
  • Sahaquiel9102
  • Tefita228
  • Racso
  • Baiji
  • Gutemonik
  • Hiperterminal
  • C3r098
Meeting with WMCO volunteers


Activity Date Place Volunteer/s Resume/Report
Let's make visible female librarians 8 March Remote
  1. Hiperterminal
  2. C3r098
#1Lib1Ref with gender perspective 29 May Remote
  1. Hiperterminal
  2. Gutemonik
  • Post on our blog
  • Online workshop
  • Speakers from Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and France
  • 444 views on Youtube

Wikimedia Colombia inside the Wikimedia Movement[edit]

Activity Date Place Volunteer/s Resume/Report
Training program in Education and Human Rights in the Wikimedia movement. 2-6 Marzo Argentina Tefita228 A member of WMCO attended Argentina as part of the scholarship program developed by WMAR, at the meeting local experiences were told, the challenges, potentials and limitations were worked on, and finally the development of projects focused on education, human rights and the community were promoted. This training program allowed us to create strong links with the chapters of the region, from which proposals and activities worked together with the region have emerged.