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The Africa Youth Month photography contest is facilitated by the Wikimedia Botswana Community User group and powered by the Africa Knowledge Initiative (AKI). Through the contest which is open to the public, Batswana can contribute photographs about their environment, and culture on Wikimedia Commons for use on Wikipedia and other sister projects.

The competition is open to all based on the theme of sharing images of “Botswana Culture”. The expectation is that participants must submit photographs of anything: people, places, rituals, ornaments etc… that represent the culture (way of life) of the people of Botswana. This contest is also a way to empower local photographers, creatives as well as cultural practitioners by leveraging the power of the open movement.

Prizes to be Won[edit]

The three best contributors will win the following prizes:

  • 1st prize:P1500 voucher
  • 2nd prize: P1000 voucher
  • 3rd prize: P700 voucher

Each winner will also receive a Wikimedia Botswana Community User Group branded t-shirt.

Competition rules and regulations[edit]

Rule 1: All photos must be taken by the person submitting them. Unless, they are uploaded during a registered mass upload session. Your image must have your name, username or nom de plume on the uploaded file.

Rule 2: Entries will only be accepted if uploaded between the 12 November to 12 December 2022. You can enter media that was taken at any time, even historic photographs (as long as you own the copyright on these photographs or they are in the public domain), but they must be uploaded during those dates. Photographs that are already on Commons and re-uploaded are not eligible.

Rule 3: Participants must be registered on Wikimedia Commons and be contactable. Please enable email on Wikimedia Commons when registering so we can contact you if your image is chosen for a prize.

Rule 4: All entries submitted to the contest must be under a free license (or in the public domain). In most cases, the photo will automatically be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 (CC-BY-SA 4.0). Read more about the cc-by-sa license here.

Rule 5: Images that are less than 2 mb or have watermarks or embedded signatures will not be eligible.

Rule 6: To upload your images go to using the category AKI Botswana when uploading images.


Photographs that are already on Commons (this means re-uploading is not allowed).

  • As the images will be hosted on Wikimedia Commons, all entries must fall within Commons scope. Any that do not will be disqualified and may be deleted without notice.
  • Images with watermarks, timestamps or image credits on the picture itself or any other kind of editing which associates the image with the uploader are not eligible.

How to participate in the Photography contest: general steps[edit]

1. Take photos![edit]

This is the fun part! You can enter media (photos, video clips or audio files) that visually or sonically represent the Botswana Culture theme. Think of rare and unusual ways of looking at the theme items we might take for granted around us.

2. Select the best![edit]

Your media could go onto Wikipedia to illustrate an article. Choose photos and media where the subject matter is clear and in focus. Please do not select dozen of near identical pictures of the same topic!

3. Register on Commons[edit]

You have to be registered on Wikimedia Commons (Create an account here if you don't have a Wiki account) to enter the competition and upload a photo or any media. Make sure your email is enabled so that we can contact you if you are a winner! Create an account (link).

4. Enter your photos![edit]

Enter your photographs using this link to go directly to the upload page. Remember to describe the photo and add relevant categories to the image. NOTE: to be eligible for national prizes please make sure you use the dropdown in the upload wizard to select the country the image was taken in i.e. (Botswana).

5. Use Category[edit]

To upload your images go to use the category AKI Botswana when uploading images.

Judging Criteria[edit]

Judging at the end of the competition will be done by a selected panel which will put into consideration the following:

  • Quality of work. This refers to the technical quality putting into consideration factors such as lighting, saturation, ISO etc…
  • The story behind the photo (a  good photo tells a story)
  • Whether the photo is in line with the given theme or not
  • Licensing of the image (should under a free license or in the public domain ).

Team/Organizers[edit | edit source][edit]

Connect your Wiki account to the Dashboard[edit | edit source][edit]

IMPORTANT: join the  AKI Africa Youth Day Celebration BW 2022

Social Media Channels[edit | edit source][edit]

Africa Youth Month Photography Contest (Online Training session)[edit]

Date: 12/11/2022

Photographic Contest Flyers[edit]

Photographic Contest 1st Online Training Screenshots[edit]

Photographic Contest 2nd online Training Screenshots on the 16th November 2022[edit]

Registered Participants for the training:

Africa Youth Month Wikiquotes/SheSaid[edit]

Date: 05 November 2022

The aim of this campaign is to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of notable women who has contributed massively to the growth of our African countries through Wikiquote in collaboration with likely minded organizations and individuals with the same vision of bridging the gender gap on the digital space. This campaign is powered by Africa Knowledge Initiative and Wikivibrance in celebration of the Africa Youth Month.

The Campaign is scheduled to run from 05 November 2022 until 12 December 2022

Wikiquote/ Shesaid Training Poster[edit]

Wikiquote/Shesaid Training Session on the 05 November 2022 in Pictures[edit]

Wikiquote Training on the 24 November 2022 in Pictures[edit]


Africa Youth Month Setswana Wikipedia Contest (Librarians Training session in Francistown)[edit]

Date: 18 November 2022

This event is all about creation of articles in setswana through Setswana Wikipedia and translations of articles from English to Setswana. The challenge is scheduled to run from 1st November to 12 December 2022

Africa Youth Month Setswana Wikipedia Training Poster[edit]

Africa Youth Month Setswana Wikipedia Training on the 18th November 2022 in Pictures[edit]

Africa Youth Month Photography winners[edit]