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Wikimedia Community User Group Côte d’Ivoire
Resolution n°2015/01 concerning the adoption annual report 2014

  1. The committee of Coordination, transitional body, has the general responsibility of leading activities of Côte d'Ivoire Wikimedians ;
  2. The chairman of the Committee of coordination presented activities report of 2014 period to the Coordination committee ;
  3. The report reflects the activities carried out and translates the vision of the Coordination for future activities ;
Therefore be it :
The 2014 annual report of Wikimedia Community User Group Côte d'Ivoire, such as presented by the Chairman of User Group is approved.



Resolution passed by 8 votes in favor, 0 votes against, 0 abstentions, 0 votes not cast, on January 15th, 2015.