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Translation of the original Georgian bylaws.

Bylaw of the "Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia". Approved by the National Agency of Public Registry of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia on August 13, 2019.

Approved by
the signature of Founders
dated August 13, 2019

of Non-Entrepreneurial (Non-Commercial) Legal Entity
"Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia"

Tbilisi, Georgia

Article 1[edit]

General Provisions of the Organization[edit]

1.1. Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia (hereinafter referred to as the "Organization") is a non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal person established under the Civil Code of Georgia.

1.2. Full name of a non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal person:

A) In Georgian: არასამეწარმეო (არაკომერციულ) იურიდიული პირი „ვიკიმედიის მომხმარებელთა საქართველოს ჯგუფი“.

B) In English: Non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal person “Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia”.

C) Short name in English: "Wikimedia UG Georgia".

1.3. Legal address: Georgia, Tbilisi, Zgvisubani Settlement, Micro/District XI, Quarter I, Building 7, Apartment N11.

1.4. The founders of the organization are:

  • Mehman Ibragimov
  • Mikheili Chabukashvili
  • Jaba Labadze
  • David Asriashvili
  • Mikheil Chkhikvadze

1.5. Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia email address is:

Article 2[edit]

Legal Provisions of the Organization[edit]

2.1. The Organization shall enjoy the legal person rights since the date of its state registration.

2.2. The Organization shall have severalty in its ownership and shall be liable with this severalty for its obligations. In order to achieve its goals, the Organization may in its name conclude agreements, acquire and exercise property and non-property rights, incur obligations, be a plaintiff and a defendant in court.

2.3. The Organization shall have an own balance sheet and the right to open accounts, including currency accounts, in banks and other credit institutions in the Georgia and abroad.

2.4. The organization shall have a round stamp containing the full name in Georgian and in English, its emblem and location, as well as the identification code. The organization has stamps, forms with its own name, it's own emblem and other means of visual identification.

2.5. The organization may set up branches and open representative offices in the Georgia in accordance with the Georgia legislation.

2.6. The branches and representations of the organization are not independent legal entities. They only use partnership-owned property and operate under the organization bylaw. The assets of the organization branches and representations are accounted for separately and on the balance sheet of the organization. The heads of branch and representative offices are appointed by the Chairperson of the Organization, with the consent of the Board of Trustees, and act on the basis of the authority given.

2.7. Branches and representative offices shall act on behalf of the organization. The organization shall be responsible for activities of its branches and representative offices.