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Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong/Resolutions/Board Resolutions/Formation of Particular Committees on Specified Affairs and Regulations Thereof

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Resolution of Board Members
Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong

(Formation of Particular Committees on Specified Affairs and Regulations Thereof)

Ref: BR#2019/00001

Other language versions of this Resolution might be provided. However, the English version of this Resolution shall prevail whenever there is a discrepancy between the English version and other language versions.

   WHEREAS the resolution made by online conference call of Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong (“WMHKG”) on the 3rd day of January, 2020, and the opinions in or after the meeting which the members of WMHKG whoever listed on the section of Members on the official page (the “General Members”) gave to the board members of WMHKG (the “Board Members” or the “Board”), and the opinions of the Board Members;


I. Regulations of Committees

  1. All committees shall be led by the Board whereby the Board Members have the final say to any affairs of every committee;
  2. All committees could be disbanded whenever the Board believes reasonably and in good faith that the disbanding is necessary;
  3. The Board Members could permit any General Member to be an administrator of any committee on his or her reasonable and good faith belief which the General Member could fulfill the duty of care, the duty of diligence, the duty of loyalty, the duty of obedience, and the duty of good faith;
  4. The Board Members could revoke any administrator if he or she did not, could not, or would not fulfill the duties recorded formerly in Section 3 of Division I;
  5. The General Members could join any committee whenever they want under the permission of any Board Members and any administrators of that committee;
  6. All Committees shall determine at least one fundamental obligation as to the aim, target or goal for the General Members, Administrators, the Board Members to fulfill;
  7. All General Members or Administrators shall fulfill their fundamental obligations to the different committee they joined, and hand over any assigned work in a timely manner;
  8. Board Members and Administrators could only use their powers against someone when they believe reasonably and in good faith, that person may be detrimental to any interests of the committee itself, of the working aim, of the working process, of the working result, or of WMHKG;
  9. Board Members shall be responsible for all the mismanagement, maladministration, mistake, or any other reasons if he or she did not try to avoid the result within his or her capacity;

II. Registration Affairs Committee

  1. To form a particular committee named as Registration Affairs Committee (“RAC”), to collect any relevant information of registration of a society and a company and, to recommend to the Board Members by whether to register as a society or a company, and, to help the Board Members on WMHKG registration affairs;
  2. RAC shall be disbanded immediately, after the registration of WMHKG with whichever register as a society under the Societies Ordinance (Cap.151), or register as a company under the Companies Ordinance (Cap.622), or any other circumstances which resulted in the registration of WMHKG;

III. External Affairs Committee

  1. To form a permanent committee named as External Affairs Committee (“EAC”), to communicate, receive, read, reply, and any other acts to create, remain or recreate a necessary relationship with persons or organizations other than WMHKG, both Wikimedia-affiliated and non-affiliated, to accomplish one or more than one particular intention;
  2. The EAC members shall report the essential matters to the Board Members without an emergency situation, and wait for the decision of the Board and act on that;
  3. The EAC members could act if they believe reasonably and in good faith where that act is necessary and essential at that moment, and shall report on the act to the Board members after;
  4. The EAC members shall use the name of “External Affairs Committee, Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong” or any equivalent names, and act on it;
  5. EAC shall make a report on any significant matters to the General Members in the general meeting.

   THE BOARD MEMBERS FURTHER RESOLVED that this written resolution could be minor modified by any Board Member or the person who permitted by Board Member without the change of the meaning.

   THE BOARD MEMBERS FURTHER RESOLVED that this written resolution could be amended, replaced, voided by a resolution of the Board, or a written order of at least one board member, or a resolution of the general meeting.

Date: 4th January 2019

User:だ*ぜ (Dasze)

Board Member

Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong