Wikimedia Community User Group Malta/Reports/2017 Annual Report

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This is the first annual report for Wikimedia Community User Group Malta. The report is designed to fulfill a requirements for officially affiliated Wikimedia user groups. It covers the period from 1 August 2016 until 31 July 2017.


Wikimedia Community User Group Malta revolves around the work of the Malta-registered non-profit voluntary organization Wikimedia Community Malta, which was originally registered with the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector in October 2015.

The organization was officially recognized as an affiliated Wikimedia user group on 1 August 2016. There were a number of activities taking place ahead of this date and these are indicated in the appropriately named sub-section below.

An initial action plan for 2017 was drafted in December 2016. This is an exercise that requires an evaluation of work from a previous year to be more effective, so it is foreseen that the plan of action for the following year will build on the lessons learned from this year.

The user group was administered through a series of regular meetings by the founding board held throughout 2016 and 2017.

Activities in 2016/17[edit]

Before 1 August 2016
After 1 August 2016

Grants for activities[edit]

Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 in Malta (rapid grant application + report)
Work started during the period covered by this report but overlaps beyond 31 July 2017 and will therefore also be included in next year's annual report.


Collaborations with other organisations[edit]

We hold our close collaborators to heart as they make much of what we do possible. This is a list of our official collaborators since 2016:

  • Bioversity International first requested a Wikipedia editing workshop and a general introduction to Wikimedia projects at their head quarters in Rome, Italy, through Wiki Media Community Malta in 2016.
  • Gabriel Caruana Foundation collaborated with WCM for Wiki Loves Art in Malta in 2017.
  • M3P Foundation is the Malta Media Memory Preservation organization, a Malta-registered non-profit VO which provides us with technical support and resources, as well as other general assistance through our shared goals.
  • Spazju Kreattiv through a formal collaboration agreement with Fondazzjoni Kreattività, Malta's national centre for creativity, since April 2016
  • The Department of Information and Archive Science at the University of Malta enabled work on Wiki Loves Art in 2017, particularly by inviting active Wikimedias from outside Malta to give presentations and get involved in Wikipedia editing workshops in Valletta and Msida.
  • Valletta 2018 Foundation the official entity handling the European Capital of Culture project in Malta; they were particularly instrumental in our participation in Donostiapedia & Peace Treaty in July 2016.

Interactions with other Wikimedia affiliates[edit]

We recognize that interactions with other Wikimedia affiliates are essential for the healthy growth of our user group. This is a list of other Wikimedia affiliates with which we had meaningful interaction since 2016: