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The #Wiki4Refugees Editathon Sprint is an initiative of Platform Africa and the Wikimedia User Group in Uganda aimed at gathering diverse stakeholders from Refugee Settlements in Uganda to co-create and collectively improve information about Refugee Settlements on Wikipedia, the world’s largest collaborative knowledge base. This program will be divided into three parts as follows

  • Intensive training: Introducing the participants to key skills and tools on how to update/ edit and add articles to Wikipedia for participants of the event
  • Edit-a-thon - Dedicating the second day of the program to improving stub articles and creating new entries about critical topics, underrepresented groups, initiatives and putting up-to-date figures about refugees, etc.
  • Creating content for upload on Wikimedia Commons including videos, audios and videos to document the life of refugees in Uganda

Training 1[edit]


Day 1

Time Activity
8:30–9:00 Arrival and registration
9:00–10:00 Introduction to Wikipedia
10:00–10:30 BREAK
10:30 - 11:30 Account creation and first steps
11:30 - 13:00 Creating Wikipedia articles for Refugee Settlements
13:00 - 14:00 LUNCH
14:00- 15:30 Creating Wikipedia articles for Refugee Settlements
15:30- 16:00 Way forward and closing remarks

Day 2

Time Activity
8:30–9:00 Signing in
9:00–10:00 Creating Wikidata Items for Refugee Settlements
10:00–10:30 BREAK
10:30 - 11:30 Introduction to Wikimedia Commons
11:30 - 13:00 Photowalk
13:00 - 14:00 LUNCH
14:00- 16:00 Commons upload session
15:30 - 16:00 Way forward and closing remarks


Name username
Aceng Sandra Sandra Aceng
Alex Woja
Asema Amen Bridget Bridget Amen
Bala Simon Elisha
Changkaop Peter Changson Ck Pajock
Collins Adriko
Confisas Mondish
Data Robert Festo Data Robert Festo
Daula Florence
Derrick Ndahiro Ndahiro derrick
Diana Maka
Don Balam Wamoya
Edezu Solomon Edezu Solomon
Francis Malish Steven
Geoffrey Kateregga
Happy Ongi Happy Ongi
Innocent Emmanuel
Jambu soro Jaiksana Jambujack
Jokudu Jackline
Kuany Koang Gordons Kuany Koang Gordons
Mambo Emmanuel Taban
Martin lokolo Justin Martin lokolo
Nauma Kennedy
Otiti Joseph Cosmas Otiti Cosmas Khamisson
Peris kaku Peris kaku
Peter Elift Banja



Wiki4Refugees Uganda


Training 2[edit]

The training will engage 15 participants for a period of 2 weeks to create content on refugee settlements in in Uganda.


Name username Sandbox
Alice Kibombo AKibombo
Sandra Aceng Sandra Aceng Aceng/sandbox
Ndahiro Derrick Ndahiro derrick derrick/sandbox
Alvin Ategyeka Alvinategyeka
Jambu Jackson Jambujack
Edezu Solomon Edezu Solomon Solomon/sandbox
Happy Ongi Happy Ongi Ongi/sandbox
Lomora Ronald Lomoraronald
Haumba Eric Haumbaeric
Sarah Biryomumaisho Sarah Biryomumaisho Biryomumaisho/sandbox
Lomora Ronald Romeoplatform
Ainebyoona Sharlotte Kigezo Kigflip
Wani Isaack WANI ISAAC ISAAC/sandbox
Susanna Susanna ocea ocea/sandbox
Andrew Chipo Andrew CHIPO CHIPO/sandbox
Geoffrey Kateregga Kateregga1

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Please join the dashboard to participage

Day 1 - 13th September 2020[edit]

Time Activity Who
2:00 - 2.15 Participants join All
2.15 - 2.30 Introductions
Name, Address
Challenges since last training
2.30 - 3.00 Refresher
What is Wikipedia
User Page
3.00 - 3.30 Creating wikipedia articles
Adding photos
Adding links
3.30 -3.40 Assign mentors and week’s assignments Sandra

Day 2 - 19th September 2020[edit]

Time Activity Who
2:00 - 2.15 Participants join All
2.15 - 2.45 Sharing experiences
Challenges faced
2.45 - 3.00 Review of articles and publishing
Common mistakes
Tips for writing best articles
3.00 - 3.30 Assignments for week 2 and next steps Geoffrey


Wikidata item Refugee Settlement District Article Editors
Q99430251 Agojo Refugee settlement Adjumani Susanna
Alere 2 Refugee settlement Adjumani Wani
Q99430674 Ayilo I Refugee settlement Adjumani N/A
Q99430848 Ayilo II Refugee settlement Adjumani Wani
Q99431533 Baratuku Refugee settlement Adjumani Baratuku
Q29569942 Bidibidi Refugee settlement Yumbe Wani
Q99472150 Boroli Refugee settlement Adjumani Wani
Q99472359 Elema Refugee settlement Adjumani Happy
Q55614362 Imvepi Refugee settlement Adjumani Wani, Derrick
Q19892951 Kiryandongo Refugee settlement Kiryandongo Happy
Kyaka II Refugee settlement Kyegegwa Eric, Wani
Q24886704 Kyangwali Refugee settlement Hoima Happy
Q86073367 Lobule Refugee settlement Koboko Wani
Q86076901 Maaji I Refugee settlement Adjumani Bridget
Maaji II Refugee settlement Adjumani Wani, Kigezo
Maaji III Refugee settlement Adjumani N/A
Q99502635 Mirieyi Refugee settlement Adjumani Wani
Mungula II Refugee settlement Adjumani Eric, Happy, Wani
Q99517072 Mungula Refugee settlement Adjumani Alice
Q24965529 Nakivale Refugee settlement Isingiro Eric, Happy
Q55627163 Nyumanzi Refugee settlement Adjumani Happy, Eric, Derrick
Q99517017 Oliji Refugee settlement Adjumani Wani
Q99521297 Olua I Refugee settlement Adjumani Sandra
Olua II Refugee settlement Adjumani N/A
Omugo Refugee settlement Adjumani Wani
Q55627921 Oruchinga Refugee settlement Isingiro Alice, Susanna, Happy, Wanni, Andrew
Q28405020 Pagrinya Refugee settlement Adjumani Derrick, Wani, Happy
Palabek Refugee settlement Lamwo Sandra, Wani
Q55628478 Palorinya Refugee settlement Moyo Happy, Wani
Q24894892 Rhino Camp Refugee settlement Adjumani Happy, Andrew, Wani, Bridget
Q19894543 Rwamwanja Refugee settlement Kamwenge Eric, Wani, Derrick