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Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda/WikiSource GLAM on Tour 2023

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Poster for WikiSource GLAM on Tour in Uganda, 2023

During our initial Wikisource event in December 2022, the user group and volunteers were introduced to transcribing and dealing with digitised archival material.

The WikiSource GLAM on Tour 2023 is the second part of our journey with Wikisource and it will be a half day event hosted at the Digitisation Unit of the Kyambogo University Library.



Since its inception in 2013, GLAM on Tour helps connect Wikipedians and cultural/information institutions on the local level. Based on existing initiatives set up by many volunteer Wikipedia contributors, these events give employees at cultural/information institutions the opportunity to get to know their local Wikipedians.

In response to feedback gained after our first WikiSource event in 2022, this event aims to :

  • Introduce Ugandan Wikimedia Volunteers to digitisation and the processes that make digitised material available to use via platforms like WikiSource and for special interest groups for example the visually impaired ;
  • Introduce the staff and institution of Kyambogo University Library to the Wikimedia Community User group and its volunteers ;
  • Acquaint Wikimedians with the Digitisation Unit of Kyambogo University Library and its potential as a partner for future collaboration . This also applies to the staff of Kyambogo University Library;
  • Collect high quality images of the digitisation process in such a setting ;
  • For both parties to ask questions, fill knowledge gaps and explore ideas for future user group and individual projects ;





This will result in new, freely accessible images for Wikimedia Commons and WikiSource


  1. A better understanding of the processes that lead to digitisation and the eventual dissemination on various platforms ;
  2. Professional ties established between GLAM project volunteers and employees at the library ;
  3. Generate interest in the user group about collaborations between Wikimedia project volunteers and information institutions.


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