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Wikimedia Conference 2011/Chapters' Meeting/Facilitators

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Facilitator: Anja Krieger[edit]


Anja Krieger is a freelance journalist and text editor based in Berlin. She reports on digital media and web culture for print, online and radio. Anja studied Cultural Sciences at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. She was a Visiting Scholar at University of Berkeley, California, and an Erasmus student at Universidad de Salamanca, Spain. In 2010, Anja facilitated the Chapters' Meeting in Berlin for the first time.

Facilitator: Sabria David[edit]



Sabria David studied linguistics, german literature and history of art and started to work both in research and advertising agencies. In 2000 she founded TEXT-RAUM, a communication agency which focusses on new forms of value-orientated corporate communication after digital shifts. She works on the effects of digital technologies and collaborative thinking on society, politics, communication and media. As genesis of open contents is one of her research topics she is related to wikipedia with friendly distance and critical fascination. She has been on panels and talks like at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, the Frankfurt Bookfair and the CpoV, Leipzig. She is with Benedikt Köhler and Jörg Blumtritt author of the “Slow Media Manifesto“ which recently lead to the founding of the Slow Media Institute, an interdisciplinary research center for the evolution of media.

Visual documentation: Anna Lena Schiller[edit]


After having spent three years at The KaosPilots, a Danish university for creativity and social innovation, Anna Lena Schiller started up her own business that encompasses multiple disciplines of visual thinking. She specializes in real-time graphic recording, infographics and visual facilitation. Anna Lena has worked with companies ranging from international businesses to small start-ups, as well as freelancers and NGOs. This is her second time working with Wikimedia. She currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Visual documentation of the conference on Commons.