Wikimedia Conference 2011/Documentation/Working Groups: Movement Roles Matrix

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informal groups that want to work with or within the Wikimedia movement

support vs. endorsement

Use Cases[edit]

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  • doctors with a NGO - improve Wikipedia articles about tropical diseases
  • group of teachers - seeking help to edit Wikipedia articles
  • librarians to improve library articles - hiring a project manager
  • Wikipedians getting together in a given place

are there hidden groups that we might need to reveal?

  • do they have any needs, if they don't contact us?
  • we don't care if they not contact us?

We ask for[edit]

  • basic information on how/what Wikimedia works/is
    • some groups (eg. the group of Wikipedians know that already)
    • they need to understand the principles
    • to accept them - filter them / they should filter themselves, eg. the green party editing articles on nuclear enegery
    • how do we make sure that these groups have understood and accepted the basic information
      • contact
      • neccessary documentations (leaflets etc.)
      • exchange, dialogue, ongoing (phone calls, e-mails...)

We provide[edit]

  • mentoring / knowledge sharing
    • edit workshop
    • talk about Wikipedia
  • Material / Stuff
    • outreach / swag
    • logistics (rooms...)
    • grants to do outreach (eg. find a computer room)
    • budget for educational material
  • Reputation
    • usage of logos (eg. when making a book)
    • public relation
    • act as a reference